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The day is full of possibilities… and it is starting off great!

I am sitting in a chair in the living room of our hotel suite.

On the tv on my left,

Mickey and friends are solving problems.

On the couch to my right,

Two VERY excited boys are sharing the couch foot to foot.

I love looking at them when the don’t know I am watching.

When Collin watches tv or listens to a book,

His jaw relaxes and his mouth drops open.

His eyes focus and he is taken in by what he is watching or hearing.

When Noah watches tv or listens to a book,

He fidgets.

He wiggles.

He touches his face.

You can see his mind working hard to figure out what is going to happen next.

They both answer back to the questions posed by Mikey this morning.

I love hearing them answer in unison.

I love that the space of tiny not-quite-couch-but-not-quite-loveseat

is enough for the two of them to share.

It is sweet.

It is precious.

It is a blessing.

Across from me in this tiny living room is a door.

On the other side of the door I don’t know what I will find.

It is paved with possibilities!

See, I am on a mini vacation with my Mom and the boys.

We are going to Virginia Beach to spend the weekend with my sister!

I am so excited to see her.

It has been 8 months,


And I am ready for some sister time.


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Camping at Cowan Lake

The boys enjoyed the lake.
Putt putt is always a hit!!
Noah actually made a HOLE IN ONE!! on the first hole. Dad’s pointers must have helped.
Th most exciting part of our camping trip was… COLLIN LEARNED HOW TO PEDAL HIS BIKE!

I can’t wait to get back out there and do it again! It was so great.

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The Beach!

Hey, Jenny posted some pics to her facebook account and tagged me in them. Feel free to check out our trip. Well, gotta go… the ocean beckons!

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Vacation 2008 wrap-up

Sunday evening, we headed to a HUGE 4th of July event sponsored by Thomas Road church, in Lynchburg. The church uses this special time of the year as an opportunity to witness to literally thousands of people. They had so much to do and it was all FREE!! Here are some highlights…

The kids loved the inflatable bouncy houses and slides.

They had horse ride set up, too. You had to be 3 to ride, so Collin missed out, but Noah was able to ride. Parents weren’t allowed to accompany the children, so this made him feel even more grown up.
“Where’s Noah?”

Our little Cow Poke.

At one point it began to rain, so we went to the van and watched a dvd while the rain passed through. On the way back to the “festival” we got to ride the shuttle bus. Noah ALWAYS asks to ride school buses or RTA buses – now he has. This was a big moment for him, but unfortunately it was overshadowed by him not having his backpack. He said he needed it for the bus.:)

This is the most accurate of all of our family picture’s taken during our trip. Collin was cranky almost the whole time, now I understand because he looks like he has shot up about 2 – 3 inches. Anyway, this picture is entitled, “if you can’t beat ‘Em join ‘Em.

Collin and Noah ABSOLUTELY LOVE Aunt Jen! Here is my favorite shot of Collin and Jenny. She can really get him laughing!

The evening ended with a giant motorcycle rally, gospel presentation, live music and fireworks.

The next morning, at 4:30!! we hit the road! Thank you, Aunt Jen and Miss Rachael for your hospitality! Thank you Jenny for showing us a wonderful time! We love you!

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