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Noah turns 5!!

Noah turned 5 on March 9. It was a beautiful day so we went to the park and played!! It was wonderful.

On Saturday, we celebrated with the family and had a couple of friends over to spend the night. My mom made the Pirate cake and it was perfect!!:)
James, such a cutie!
Noah, Peter and Ryan. 3 buddies getting ready for a FUN night!
Noah modeling his pirate bandana.
Peter giving his best Pirate, ARRRGGGG!
Ryan was a calm Pirate, at this point in the evening. He is such a sweet boy.
Pirate Collin, trying to look tough.
Time for a craft.
Peter and Noah working on their Pirate ornaments.
All of our party Pirates showing their telescopes and swords.
After crafts, bingo, pin the tail on the donkey and dinner, we settled in for a movie.
Lights out!
Sunday morning was fun too! We all go to church together, so they were able to play together until we got to church.
There were some highly competitive games of ring around the rosie going on!
A few more minutes of extreme cuteness.
The next day, Grandpa Jim started to assemble the gift from my parents and sister for Noah and Collin’s combined birthday present. So much fun!!
They love it!! The best part is that we are constantly entertaining our neighbor kids. I spoke with Noah and Collin last week about how important it is to tell our friends about Jesus. Noah started witnessing to his little friends the first day they came over. What a blessing and a challenge to this mommy.
Happy birthday. I love you so much Noah. You are an amazing boy.


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How yummy does this look?

Okay, I am a terrible food photographer. In fact, you may be saying, “what the heck am I looking at anyway???”. Well, as some of you already know, I am out of commission. My back has gone out and I am waiting to hear back from the people who schedule MRI’s to get the test that will direct us one way or another. As for now, I am left in a lot of pain. Crawling, shuffling and trying to function throughout my day. Yes I said crawling. back pain is not for weaklings. So, today Noah made dinner. The above pic is the Chicken-Broccoli-Cauliflower-Cheddar Casserole that Noah made for dinner tonight. When I say Noah made it, I mean NOAH MADE IT. He put the chicken in the bakeware, added a bag of frozen broccoli and cauliflower and Campbell’s Cheddar Broccoli condensed soup. Then he dumped a sleeve of Ritz crackers into a large Ziplock bag and beat them to a crumb with his fist. Then he melted a couple of TBSP of marg and added it to the cracker crumbles and dumped it onto the chicken mix. Then he evenly spread the crackers out with a spoon. Here is what the chef thought:
He said it was DELICIOUS! He couldn’t wait to tell Daddy that he did this all by himself. I am so thankful for my little chef. Seriously people, he did the whole thing, only leaving the putting in the oven and taking it out.
Little brother doesn’t look to thrilled!:) I assure you, he loved it and ate most of what you see on his plate!

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Noah’s Stitches

On Sat, Jan 2 Noah and Collin were chasing each other in the house when Noah slipped and hit his head on the dining room table. Of course I had just told them to stop running in the house when this happened. BIG shock, I know. Anyhow, he ended up with 11 stitches outside and some inside too.One of the ER nurses brought him this army helmet. God bless her, she looked for a cowboy hat for him, but couldn’t find one.
He was very brave during the stitching and didn’t even cry!
Today we were able to go to the pediatrician and get them removed. He said he was “a lot of nervous!”, but once again he was really brave. We went to our new pediatrician and the kids loved him!! He let both boys try on his magnifying lighted headband. He even let Collin sit on the exam table by Noah’s head and watch him take the stitches out. The entire time, Collin kept telling Noah how brave he was being and that it would be over soon! The boys are very loving and sweet to each other today. They were perfectly behaved while we were at the doc’s and even gave each other an unprompted hug and kiss after Noah was all done! I feel so blessed to have sons that really enjoy each other. I pray God will guard their relationship and keep them close!

Way to go Noah!! I am so proud of you! (You too Collin.)

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The best gift of this Christmas….

Lately Noah has been asking me a lot of questions about death. It has been quite unusual and very intense. He has cried and asked very pointed questions. Well, last night while on the way home from a Christmas party, he once again asked me what would happen when I died. Aaron and I talked with Noah and the most beautiful, unexpected thing happened… Noah asked Jesus to come into his heart. At 4 3/4 years old, God has opened Noah’s eyes and prompted his heart. Praise God! Merry Christmas to my sweet Noah and new brother in Christ. What a special blessing to be able to share this amazing moment with my husband and oldest son.

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Noah, says the funniest things

Here are a few funny Noah stories for your reading pleasure…

While I was putting the boys down for a nap:

Mommy (M) ~ Noah, close your eyes and GO to sleep.
Noah (N) ~ I can’t.
M~ Yes you can and YOU WILL.
N~ God didn’t make me to be able to close my eyes.
M~ Yes he did. GO TO SLEEP!
N~ No, watch (*closes his eyes tightly and pops them open*)
M~ Nice try…
He fell asleep soon after.

Grandpa (G-pa) and Grandma (Weller) took the boys to Youngs last night and in the car, Grandpa coughed:
N~ God bless you.
G-pa~Thank you, how is your cold?
N~ Fine, I never cough anymore.
Gpa~ Never?
N~ *cough*
Gpa~ I thought you never coughed anymore.
N~ It’s okay, it’s the weekend and everyone coughs on the weekend.

More to come!

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Noah took this pic all by himself.

Noah, about 5 minutes after being removed from Chick Fa La for an altercation with another child, said to me,”Mommy I am really glad God ‘teached’ me a lesson tonight. I asked him what he learned. He said “ya know, how to be a really good dolphin”. And I thought he was going to have a moment of deep spiritual clarity.;)

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Noah in Martial Arts…

Here is a video clip of Noah at his first taste of an athletic program. A friend of ours is teaching a class for kids ages 4-14 teaching everything from self-defense to different movements from martial arts. Noah LOVED it!!! I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to see my son so excited about learning something new. He was so happy when we left the class and he couldn’t wait to get home to “teach Daddy and Collin how to do the ‘crabwalk'”. Enjoy the video!!

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