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I put myself out there and the pay off was HUGE!

I am not a person who likes to make new friends.

Some people find that hard to believe,

But it’s true.

I love having friends,

However, the idea of putting myself through meeting someone new terrifies me.

A year ago, in May

I decided to let go of some of that fear.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to my first ever blogging event.

Moms night out.

I knew my friend Erin was going, so I bummed a ride w/ her.

This night was hard for me.

I felt vulnerable, awkward and downright scared.

The evening was fun and the ladies were very nice, but I felt like a weirdo!

I wandered over to a table and sat next to my friend Susie.

Across from me was a beautiful girl with a great personality, red lips and HAWT shoes!

This beauty, Katie,  turned out to be a wonderful and  brave woman who is now a dear friend.

From there I started to get more involved in the blogging community.

It has been a place of comfort and ongoing support for me.

I have connected with so many amazing women!

I treasure our friendships and I am so thankful for you all!

If you, like me, are afraid of putting yourself out there, let me encourage you:

The more you do it, the easier it is.

Try to meet some new people.

Try to connect.

Here are a some blogs you should check out so you too can see who I love in this crazy blogging world.

Erin @

Katie @

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Andrea @

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Marianne @

And even more…

Happy Friday, take time to think about the people you are thankful for!


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Sooo… I moved!

Welcome to Random Becky! (The site formerly known as What’s New With The Dells’. I was going to change it to a symbol, but thought that was overdone.

I am still building my new home, here on wordpress, so I will resume normal posting ASAP! Thanks!


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A bloggers dream

So, I really want to go to Blissdom 10, had even planned on it. Well, it is not happening this year, we just can’t afford it. That being said, I think my subconscious still holds out hope that Aaron will drop the needed amount of money on my lap and send me on my way. Anyway, here is the dream I had last night.

It was a beautiful day and I was walking through Nashville, ( the Nashville in my mind is beautiful. I have never actually been there.) I was walking through the parking lot of a busines office where Blissdom was being held. ( I know it is at an amazing hotel, but this was my dream people, so that is where it was.) So, I was just walking by an old truck and lying in the back were 2 little girls, I would say about 6 & 8. I asked what they were doing there, in their sleeping bags, and they explained that their mom was a blogger and just HAD to go to Blissdom, but had no one to watch them so she brought them along. They continued to tell me that they had been there the entire time and that their mom would bring them food, so I didn’t need to worry. Well, I scooped them out of the truck and we went to the nearest police dept. The mom was arrested and I was given a free pass to Blissdom 10. I was so happy! Nevermind the fact that those girls were completely neglected, minor detail. LOL!!
Oh Blissdom, why must you cost so much! 😦
To all of my bloggy friends, may you have safe travel and a wonderful time at Blissdom! I will be there in spirit. Keep an eye out for me in a parking lot near the hotel. AND please leave your children in the care of someone you trust, not in the back of your truck. 😉

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Disney On Ice

On Sept 23rd, my Mom, the boys and I made the drive to Cincinnati to see Disney on Ice, 100 Years of Magic! It was amazing. We were invited, by the wonderful folks at Mom Central to a meet and greet before the show. It was so great! The boys immediately scoped out the wonderful Disney gifts they were given!

The loved their Mickey ears Crown! The event had just started and they were having a blast! Then…

Minnie and Mickey came into the room and their excitement reached a whole new level!

They were in Heaven!

Noah was trying to make Mickey wave at the camera.
Collin had to do EXACTLY what Noah was doing, of course.

Here we are waiting for the show to begin. The seats were amazing and I felt so blessed to be there.
Noah took a pic of me in his Mouse Ears Crown.

It’s too bad Grandma and Collin weren’t excited. (Daddy was originally going to go with us, but h was on call. Thankfully Grandma was happy to step in.)

Show time!

Goofy, Donald Duck, Minnie, Mickey, Chip and Dale all started the show!

Pure joy! Priceless.

Beauty and the Beast.

This is when Noah and Collin’s heads exploded from the excitement of being in the room with their FAVORITE movie characters! If you have ever met Noah, you already know he is a cowboy and he loves Woody and Collin proudly declares his LOVE for “BiteYear” (Buzz Lightyear) all the time! This part of the show was one of my favorites. SO well done!


They were so great!

AND JESSIE from Toy Story 2!! Can I get a Woot Woot?!?!?! It was so amazing to watch these talented skaters glide, jump and spin around the rink w/ such grace and ease. Beautiful.

This was an amazing part of the show. They recreated “It’s a small world”. I didn’t have many pics turn out well from this part of the show. It was really wonderful and so much fun. Leave it to Disney to bring the light parade to us! It was so cool!

This was the end of the show. Collin was waving goodbye to Buzz. This is the most he moved during the entire show! He was so shocked that he was seeing what he was seeing that he was almost frozen!
Buzz, Woody and Jessie take one last spin around the ice. All of the characters came out at the end.
The Incredible’s.
A great time was had by all!

When we left the US Bank Arena, two mounted Cinci Police officer’s were outside. They were kind enough to let us get a pic!
Text Color

The evening was a complete blast. A great family activity! If you want to go, you still have time! You can still purchase tickets and use the coupon code found here :
Thank you so much MOMCENTRAL for making this night possible for my family! Thank you Disney for always making me feel like a little girl, no matter how old I am!

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