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Cassano’s Pizza VIP Partay!

Tuesday night I was lucky enough to attend an event held at Cassano’s Pizza.

In July they are launching a new type of pizza.

We are talking about a brand new concept here people!

If you are like me, you love a yummy thin crust pizza and you fight for the edge pieces.

Well, this is the pizza for you.

Each slice has not one, but two crispy edges.

It is delicious!

For real!!!!

The ” All Edge Pizza”

The center of the pizza is filled with an appetizer.

How smart is that!

At the event last night we were able to sample many toppings and appetizers.

Mozzarella sticks.

Deep fried banana peppers.

French Fries.

And more!

It was delicious.

What is better than tasting yummy pizza, eating it with friends!

This was a blogger event, so many of the Dayton/Cinci bloggesses were there.

I had my camera with me, but somehow only took pics of the pizza and Jenny.

Thankfully I at least got one pic of Andrea so I don’t totally look like a Jenny stalker!

Jenny (

Jenny and Andrea (

Noah took this pic for me when I got home!

A BIG thank you to the Cassano family for having us!

I had a great time.

Now that you are in the mood for some yummy pizza, go here !


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An Ohio blogger’s weekend: Part 2

Sunday afternoon Aaron and I took the boys to a Weight Watcher’s event hosted by Amy of and Emily of . The event was held at Tom’s Corn Maze in Germantown, OH. It was so much fun!

Noah is enjoying his s’more.
There was some serious marshmallow roasting going on here. MMMM MMMM Good!

Collin love being in the woods. There was so much for a little boy to explore! So fun.

Collin, Noah, Ryan and Charlie are sitting on top of an old fire engine that is now a pumpkin launcher. It was really cool!
Before you enter the maze, you hear a tutorial from a nice worker from Tom’s farm.

We walked through the maze with Katie from (her hubs and kiddo) and Erin from (and her hubs and kids). It was so fun for the kids (grown-up’s too) to have some friends to go through the maze with us! They liked hiding in the cornstalks and steeling corn.

It was a great afternoon!! A good time was had by all!

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An Ohio blogger’s weekend: Part 1

This was a great weekend to be a blogger in Dayton! SO much to do and so many great ladies to meet and spend time with. Saturday night Hubs and my dad took Noah and Collin to a cider making event at a farm in Xenia, OH. It is an annual event hosted by the wonderfully generous Beam family! I try to make the event every year and I think this is only the 4th or5th one I have
missed since I was in Jr. high. So sad I didn’t get to visit with the wonderful folks there.. Hubs said it was a blast and the kids had a wonderful time throwing apples into the apple washing machine. They brought home a 1/2 gal of the amazing cider!

Yes, I made them do this, but look how cute they are!
The boys made these SCARY (insert spooky voice) Jack-O-Lantern’s last weekend w/ my parents.
Notice the resemblance between Collin and his friend?
So, while the men in my life played farmer, my BFF and Mom headed to the tweet-up at Forge Enterprises in the Historic Oregon District. It was so much fun. We got to eat yummy food, watch cooking demo’s, visit with some amazing women and make new friends! I think the icing on the cake was that we (Stephany, Mom and I) all won a prize! Very cool!
I won this (minus cover) amazing Longaberger large market basket. :
AND this 9×11 stone baking dish in cranberry.

It was a beautiful night! The weather was cool, but warm enough to check out the view from the roof.

It was really a nice treat to be out of the house spending time talking, eating and learning.

This is the only pic I got of the actual event! I know, I am sooooo lame! This is Tricia. She is the author and creator of It is a wonderful concept and I hope to give it a try SOON! (Come on mom! Let’s do it!) If you like the idea of cooking for the entire month in one day, than go to her site now and learn how! She is really organized and has many wonderful idea’s!

Overall, it was a great night!!

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