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My Baby is 4 today!

Collin Michael Dell

Today is your 4th birthday!

I love you!

You are such a gift and perfect completion to our family.

You are a funny, smart and quriky kiddo.

You love life.

You love your brother.

You love you Mommy and Daddy.

You love everyone!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful surprise.


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Birthday boy Collin!

Here is a look at Collin’s 4th birthday party!

This year he wanted to have a costume party and a cheeseburger cake.

It was wonderful!

Thank you Chase family for bringing fruit.

Thank you Weldon family for bringing veggies and dip.

Thank you Tim for helping with the craft and face painting!

Thank you Mom for the AMAZING cake!

Thank  you Phil and Rosie for bringing chips.

Thank you Dad for making that suede skirt into chaps for me!

Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate our little man!

Enjoy the pics!

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Collin… how I love you

On May 22, Collin will be 4!

4 years old! I can’t believe it.

Due to my impending surgery schedule we are celebrating him next weekend.

He is a quirky kid and when asked what kind of birthday party he wanted he simply said, “a Halloween costume party”.

Alright! I can handle that!!! 🙂

When asked what kind of birthday cake he wanted, he thought for a minute and decided he wanted it to look like  cheeseburger.

Alright! Grandma can handle that!!! 🙂

The party will be small.

Just like big brother, he only wanted to invite boys.

So, we invited his BFF’s.

His friend James almost didn’t make the cut, because Collin was worried that James would “eat his birthday take all dawn”.

So invites have been private messaged on facebook mailed and rsvp’s have been counted, but one thing remains…


He loves Toy Story! LOVES Buzz Lightyear!

So, I am going to attempt to surprise him by dressing like Jessie from Toy Story 2.  OY!

Any idea’s on how to pull this off?

I need help!

I don’t want to buy chaps just for the night, but I kinda need um, right?

I will buy red yarn for the hair, add some freckles to my cheeks and wear a plaid shirt and jeans.

Is that good enough?

What do you think?

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Cosi visit

Last Saturday we went to Cosi with Phil, Rosie, Josh and Megan. It was a lot of fun! Take a look!

This pic was from earlier in the month, but it was too cute to pass by!

Buggy time.

Noah loved pretending to be a “Soda Jerk”.

Noah on the big bike.

Collin gives it a try.

Collin and Aunt Megan try to hula hoop.
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Mommy gives it a shot! I was totally into it!

I think Aaron, Noah Collin and Poppey could have stayed in this area all day! The objective was to build a bridge. Noah absolutely loved playing with real screws, nuts and metal! It was a dream come true for him!

It was such a fun day! Happy Birthday Uncle Joshy we had so much fun celebrating with you in this special way!!

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A wonderful week!

Where do I begin???
I want to start by thanking everyone who was a part of my amazing birthday week. I am so thankful for all of the wonderful people God has placed in my life!

Last Friday, my friend Erin came up to visit from northern Kentucky. We had a wonderful visit and our boys got along great. We both have 2 boys and it was great to watch them play together as we played catch-up. Thanks for coming up to see us!!

On Saturday, we celebrated by having dinner at Brio. It was great. We got a sitter for the kiddo’s and enjoyed a nice meal with some of our closest friends. It was wonderful.

Mom and I.

Erika and I.

Stephany and I. Thank you for everything last weekend! I love you!

The Weldon family.

Megan and I.

Rosie and I.

Apparently I didn’t get any pictures of Aaron and I:( I can’t believe it! I also failed to photograph Joshua, Joe, my Dad and Phil! Sorry guys.
The weekend ended with a bang! My parents took the kids, Aaron and I to Connorsville, Indiana to ride the Polar Express! I will post another blog about that later. It was so fun and I cannot wait to share it will you.

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My birthday – part 2

Here are some pics I took throughout my afternoon off…

Yummy! Moe’s Burrito + Chips + Water = FREE! ( added bonus : I only ate about 1/3, so I get to enjoy it for lunch today too!)

Amazing! Cold Stone Coffee ice cream with dark chocolate = FREE!!

Okay, so I was SOOO full from my lunch and birthday ice cream I decided to walk around The Greene a bit. I walked into Sephora, a newer store to The Greene, but brand new to me. I just didn’t think it would be fun to take the boys in there, hmm wonder why.:) Well, I asked for a demo of make-up and this is how it turned out. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I seriously had rectangles of dark black eyeshadow, thick black WATERPROOF eyeliner (well below my eyes) and HOT pink lipstick. It was something~ not really something I would do EVER again, if you catch my drift. It was pretty funny!

I decided to ignore the way I looked and finish my outing with my FAVORITE treat! A nonfat Chai from Carribou = FREE!
It was a wonderful day! I was able to do everything I set out to do and even more!
In addition to all of this wonderful free food I have received:
1 free meal from First Watch
1 free dessert from BW3’s
1 free dessert from Long Horn
1 free burger, fries and sundae from Red Robin
1 free meal from The Spaghetti Warehouse
1 free scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins
It was a wonderful birthday!!

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It’s my birthday !

So today is my 30th birthday. I started the day in the most wonderful way imaginable, Noah and Collin climbed into bed to cuddle with Aaron and I. These days cuddle time is quickly interrupted by Aaron or I dragging Collin to the potty, but after our potty trip, the boys and I covered up and I asked them if they knew what day it was. Noah quickly said, “it’s your birthday!!” He broke out into song, this is what he said, “Happy birthday Mommy and chickens…” He sang the entire song and included the chickens until the end. I knew I was born on Mickey Mouse’s 50th birthday, but I had NO idea that all chickens celebrate today too. What an honor! Collin also sang his version, “Happy Tirthday to tou, Mom”. (note: the song from Collin was upbeat and exciting until he got to my name, then it sounded like there was another voice inserting a ‘mom’.)It was the perfect start!
This morning I am looking forward to cleaning (only little) and around lunch time, Aaron’s parents are coming over and I get some time off. I am planning on treating myself to some delicious free stuff! A free Moe’s burrito for lunch, a free drink from Caribou while I do devotions and start my new journal (thanks Susan!) and if I have ANY room left I am going to have a delicious free ice cream from Cold Stone! Ahh to be the birthday girl!
I have to reflect for a moment, I remember turning 15 and saying how terrible it was that I was already 1/2 way to 30. I must have thought that 30 was so close to death that I might as well throw the towel in and call it a day. How funny. To be honest, I am happy to leave my 20’s, I am ready for bigger and better, older and wiser. Have a great day, I certainly plan on it!

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