Consuming Fear Meets Unspeakable Joy

The last few weeks have passed so quickly.

Fear is alive and bucking inside my heart and mind.

There is a difference in the way I am reacting to my fear.

I am calling it by name and praying against it.

The most amazing part of this journey, continues to be

How I am finding a community with the women who are in my life.

I don’t know about men, but I really think ear is

An issue most women struggle with every day.

I cannot tell you how many people have spoken to me,

Messaged me, or e-mailed me sharing the fear that

Consumes their lives.

It confirms the leading I have felt to share the story of my journey.

There are others, just like me, who want to be free of this sin.

Each day I make an intentional step to face a fear,

I am overcome with the amazing JOY that comes with the decision to


The joy is immense.

It is free.

It is contagious.

In the last week, or so, God has been faithful to reveal fears

And He has been faithful to carry me over the threshold as I enter into more of

His presence.

This week, I will share  some of the recent experiences where God is

Giving me the opportunity to grow.

I hope you are encouraged in your journey

And I hope you continue to reach out to me or those

In your inner circle.

Fear, like all sin, grows deep roots

Within the crevices of our hearts when left alone.

Don’t be silent any longer.


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