A Mirror, A Reflection

Today, I invite you to look into my mirror.

Not what you were expecting?

I have found that the reflection of myself,

Of all the things that make up who I am,

Is accurately depicted in the lives of these 2 precious boys.

They absorb the aspects of my character and thoughts that would

Require more than a high definition magnifying mirror.

It is true.

It is humbling.

It is sobering.

And in the end it is beautiful.

Today, I was hit with this reality, square between the eyes.

One of the biggest responsibilities of being a parent is

Raising your children up to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

That they are made in the image of Christ.

And that the God who miraculously created them,

Longs to have a relationship with them.

Wow, what a beautiful reality!

However, there are many aspects of parenting.

Things we plan to teach our kids “some day”.

Things we are working on now.

Things we have laid the groundwork for years ago or

Concepts we just introduced this morning.

All said, there are a million intentional moments in parenting.

The longer I am a parent, the more I realize that

The lessons that we don’t plan on teaching our children,

Are always the most surprising and often alarming.

There are many things that I teach my children,

But never intended to share with them.

Like the fear that grips my heart when it comes to


Trying new things.

Stepping out of my comfort zone.

Losing them.

Hurting them.

Failing them as a teacher.

Not preparing them for their future.

Failing them as a mother.

I could go on and on and on.

While I would NEVER intentionally share this part of

Me with them, it happens.

It happens in several moments throughout the day.

It happens every day.

That is a sobering reality.

The good news is, we are covered by grace.

God’s grace.

Grace that is written over every aspect of me.

Grace that allows me to admit where I am weak and

Grace that is carrying me

Through the days when fear and other sins/idols

Seem to pull at me from every direction.

The vulnerability this brings is liberating and terrifying.

I find it is like free falling staring at your safety net,

Knowing it will catch you and you will be safe and sound.

So when I look into the eyes of my fast growing,

Constantly learning boys

I can breath easy.

They will, no doubt, absorb some of my fears

And pick up some of their own along the way.

They will have struggles, victories, and as their

Stories unfold, they will be shaped and molded into

Imperfect men who will,

Lord willing,

See their own reflection within the eyes of their children.

As God carries us through this life and our roles continue to shift,

I am thankful for the moments of the harsh reality of the implications

 Of sin in our lives.

And I am ever more grateful for the peace that comes

From the forgiveness and redemption found within the

Loving arms of my Savior.

I am also thankful that I see my relationship with God

Beaming through the mirrors that I look into every day.


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