A Sober Reality

Look at this

These are my boys.

They are growing like weeds.

Last weekend, we made our annual family photo trip to

A beautiful metropark.

Here is one of my favorite pics of the 4 of us

We have been doing this since Noah was about 9 months old,

Missing one year due to my healing from kidney surgery.

I looked back on the pictures

And I was filled with many emotions.

My heart is full of love for my precious family.

I am also thankful for sweet moments that made these pictures

Unique and precious.

As I reflect on our fun day at the park,

I am reminded of the sober reality that has become the new normal

For a family that attends our church.

A week before we enjoyed the beautiful day and took these pictures,

Their vehicle was hit by another vehicle on their way to church.

The entire family of 5 was injured.

Their precious 3 year old  did not survive.

The parents and their other 2 daughters were taken to the hospital.

They have a 6 year old still in critical care.

While we were making memories with our children,

This precious family was laying their 3 year old to rest.

My heart is broken for this family.

Times like this makes me want to treasure, even more richly,

The moments of every day life as well as traditions that

We hold near and high in priority.

If you would like to help this family out,

You can go here :


Take a minute to enjoy your family today.

Love on your children.

Tell your family and friends just how much they mean to you.

Embrace this moment, you don’t know what tomorrow holds.


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