Reading Like A Boss

We had a major breakthrough last week with Noah.

He is in second grade.

He had been reading at a first grade level.

I was terrified.

I was consistent and would see moments of clarity and growth

Frequently, but overall, he was stuck in the process.

Quite frankly, it made my insides quiver and fearful that he

Was not learning what he needed to learn.

Then it happened…

Last Thursday, we went out for dinner and ran errands

After Aaron got home from work.

We walked in the door at 8:30 and I told the boys that they needed to

Complete their required 15 mins of reading before they went to bed.

I knew it was late and was expecting a battle.

I was pleasantly surprised when Noah picked up a book containing

A collection of Dick and Jane stories.

He looked at the page and started to read.

He didn’t sound out site words that he has “known” for 2 years.

His eyes didn’t wander from picture to picture.

He was focused, driven, and completely confident in what he was reading.

And what a fine job of reading he did!

He read page…

After page…

After page!!!

From 8:30 –  10 he read and read and read!

We didn’t want to squelch the momentum by making him go to bed,

So we just let him read on our bed, in our room, until he wanted to stop.

From that late night reading session to the next afternoon,

He had well over one hundred pages under his belt.

It was amazing and I still can’t believe it!

Seriously, people, I am still in shock.

He owned that book.

He made my heart burst as the words were decoded with such ease.

While the words of the story unfolded right before his little eyes,

The words that make up the most precious memories within my mind

Were being etched in permanent ink.

What a beautiful moment.

All of the hours, days, weeks, months, and years of hard work were paid

IN full in that moment.

Since last week, he has read around 300 pages.

His 15 minutes of required reading has turned into 30 minutes of pleasure reading

That he initiates.

As he embarks on new reading adventures and his imagination

Is pushed and pulled to new places,

I sit in awe.

I am in awe of the beauty of that moment.

I am also challenged by my lack of faith.

Challenged by the amount of fear that I held on much more tightly

Than the hand of God to guide me through the challenging time that

We have had on this journey.

It seems like fear controls so much of my life.

I am prayerful that God will teach me how to love him more and fear

Man, my weakness, and life less.

So many of the things that are such a big deal in life

Would go so much more smoothly if I would just trust that God is who he says he is.

 I am thankful that God reveals himself to us in many ways,

Through many circumstances and many people.

Most of all I am thankful that he knows I will continue to

Struggle with this, yet loves me anyway.



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