Admiring the Chef

It is another Thursday morning.

The sun is streaming through the parted, front room curtain.

It is a beautiful morning.

Noah just finished eating the eggs he scrambled

And Collin is finishing the last few bites on his plate.

Roxi, our Pug, sits eagerly awaiting even the tiniest morsel that may fall to her feet.

Today, she is going to walk away without a bite.

As I mention, Noah made these eggs.

He has always loved to cook and bake.

He even likes to wash dishes.

This summer, Noah was promoted from kitchen helper to

Executive Chef.

He now makes his own eggs from beginning to end.

The eggs are delicious.

They are fluffy, creamy, and perfectly cooked.

Even more perfect than his delicious eggs

Is the look of satisfaction on the face of his proud

Little brother, when he  happily bites into the food his

BIG brother has prepared.

The admiration Collin has for his big brother is unmatchable.

You can tell, by the way Collin looks at Noah, how much he thinks of his big brother.

It is so precious.

Noah doesn’t share the same kind of affection, he loves his brother,

But big brother doesn’t want to be like little brother.

He does, however, want to lead his little brother.

This is a special part of growing up that I enjoy watching take shape.


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    Mom said,

    One morning I asked Collin what he wanted for breakfast. I asked if he wanted scrambled eggs–he said “no , I only like Noah’s eggs” Oatmeal?–“no I only like daddy’s special oatmeal.” That leaves me with “grandma’s special pancakes”

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