Homeschooling, Our Process

As I mentioned in my last post,

We have started our new school year.

We are wrapping up week three, and I couldn’t be happier with

The way this year is shaping up.

 We made the decision to homeschool before we had children.

It was something we discussed before we were married and

When we started family planning,

We felt sure of our decision.

Many things led to our decision to homeschool,

But the number one reason was that we felt called,

To do so.

We felt like it was what God wanted for our family.

The idea of homeschooling our kids was exciting and fun,

But I knew it would be a huge responsibility.

Then the rubber met the road and I started schooling Noah when he was 4.

I pretty much shopped the back to school $1 bins at Target for our curriculum.

We colored, traced, cut, read, played, built, knocked down…

It was really just structured, purposeful play time for 3 hour or so a day.

It was fun and offered our days structure which gave us something to

Do and helped our days become more calm.

When it came time for Kindergarten, I asked all of my friends who

Were homeschooling for advice.

We decided to enroll in an online school.

It was great.

Really, I enjoyed the year and so did Noah.

It also made me feel like I was doing the right thing and not

Missing anything in his education.

While Noah was working on Kindergarten, I added Collin,

Using my own compiled curriculum.

He did really well and the year was a breeze.

The next year was really intimidating for me.

The idea of teaching first grade and kindergarten made me a nervous wreck.

We decided to enroll both boys in the same online school

We had used before.

While I loved being at home with the boys and teaching them,

Last year was really difficult.

My confidence was crushed several times,

The system required me to “teach to the test”

And so many core idea’s had to be rushed through to keep pace with the curriculum.

It was horrible.

I decided, early on, we needed to switch things up for the next year.

Which brings me to this school year.

I have a first and second grader.

I researched, talked to other homeschool families, and went to a

Homeschool conference so I could actually look through my favorite curriculum options.

There are many tools out there to help you know what style of teaching

Would be best for your students, as well as what method of homeschooling

Would be a good fit for your family and help you reach your

Educational goals.

The process has been crazy, but the end result seems to be amazing.

I honestly feel like this year will be amazing.

I am excited for this year!

I look froward to sharing our journey and I would love to hear about your journey!


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    Erin said,

    Hooray!! 🙂 It’s a wonderful, hopeful adventure.

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