Where To Begin

You may have noticed I haven’t been around here lately.

I have been busy,

We have been shifting and turning, and changing so many

Things that were once a normal part of our lives.

The change has been hard.

Really hard.

There have been growing pains

And stretch marks cover parts of my heart that were

Once plump and full of youthful hopes.

The changes came on slowly, but as forceful as a tidal wave.

So much change.

So much adapting.

So much growing.

As I sit here, enjoying the calm after the storm,

My heart is at peace.

I am wrapped up in the blanket of God’s words,

That have been pulled from the pages of His precious

Word and proven themselves true.

In Jan 2011, my mother in law suddenly passed away in her sleep.

I had to piece together the remnants of our difficult relationship and the process

Took me about a year.

I rest now in knowing full well there were things I wish I

Could have said to her.

Things I could have clarified.

Things that will forever be unsaid.

I rest because I know, while I wish I could have ended things differently,

I know God is bigger than our issues.

I honestly believe, in her heart of hearts she knew

I loved her and I know she loved me.

The next major change came in August when my sister in law left Aaron’s brother.

My heart was broken as our family was once again in the waves of confusion.

I had never gone through a divorce on a personal level.

Never known the deep sting of a severed relationship that was founded

On a covenant between man, woman, and God.

It was confusing and devastating.

It was, in many ways, another death.

Another major change happened this spring.

After many painful months of trying to decide what we needed to do, we decided to

Leave our church family and seek a new church home.

This felt like another death in many ways, but there

Was a peace that carried us on our journey.

There was healing and comfort along the way while we visited

Several churches and saw the work God is doing in our community.

We experienced many styles of worship and felt God moving in our hearts.

By the time late spring rolled around, we visited a church and immediately

Felt at home.

It is a large church, but there is intimacy there.

We have found new, meaningful relationships and have

Been welcomed with open arms.

Our last major change happened less than 2 weeks ago.

My father in law married a wonderful woman.

Her name is Rose.

She is sweet, kind, and loves the Lord.

It has been a beautiful journey to watch them fall in love

And start this new phase of life together.

I feel joy.

I feel a great peace.

I feel the need to start blogging again.

I want to share what God is doing in my life

And what we are doing in our family.

We have just begun our new school year and we are

Doing it on our own, instead of using an online school.

We have just begun week 3, and the year is off to an amazing start.

I look forward to writing again and sharing what is going on in our lives.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to post more soon.

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