More Than A Feeling

It feels like,

Only yesterday, you were a baby in my arms.





Now you are 7.


It is so hard to wrap my brain around the speed

At which you are growing up.

Yesterday I insisted that you and your brother

Take a nap.

You were both so worn out from a fun morning at VBS.

The three of us laid down in my bed for some snuggles and a nap.

It was HEAVEN for this mama.

As I laid with my back facing your brother,

I watched you.

I rubbed your back.

I stroked your cheek.

I reveled in your beauty.

The beauty that is now only  be referred to as “handsome”.

When you were two, we did this  routine every day.

I remember being so exhausted that some days nap time was my lifeline.

Those days were long and tiring, but they birthed some of my favorite memories.

Memories shared by mother and son(s).

Moments that help form the bond that I deeply cherish now.

As we go through this crazy, busy life, moments of quiet rest together are rare.

As you grow past the single digit years and plunge head first

Into 2 digits, I know these times will all but disappear.

That will probably make the times we share in quiet reflection even more special.

I love our time together.

I loved it when you were a baby, toddler, and now that you are a “big kid”.

My heart rejoices today, thankful for our snuggle time.

Thankful that you and Collin slept long enough so Daddy got to get in on that snuggle

Action and wake you boys up when he got home from work.

Thankful for shared moments.

Thankful for sweet, sleepy boys.

Thankful I was able to soak in some of your beauty.

Thankful for you.

Thankful for your brother.

And so thankful for the gift of motherhood that was graciously poured out

Upon me more than 7 years ago.

I love you.


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