Moments to Reflect Upon

I am sitting in my living room,

Up late due to a great, long, late-in-the-day nap.

I am enjoying the quiet and the alone time.

I am thinking about the beautiful day I had with Aaron and the boys.

The fun morning, shared with my father in law,

Watching Collin graduate Kindergarten.

It has been a fantastic day.


It has been such a good day.

Maybe it was spending time with my hubby and the boys.

Maybe it was the margarita I was drinking…

Hmmm… connecting.the.dots.


Looking back over today, my heart rejoices.

I love my family.

I love my boys.

Today was a great day for the two of them, too.

They wanted to play WII today.

They wanted to play Star Wars Lego’s.

They LOVE this game.

However, you need to communicate a lot when playing because

It is really easy to “pull” each other forward, resulting in lego death.

The kids usually fight the entire time and I usually end up making them

Turn the game off.

Not today.

Today I heard encouragement, patience, love and friendship.

It was great.

It has been a long time since they have gotten along so well without my intervening.

As I type, I can’t help smiling about the love I saw between the boys.

It gives me hope that some of the REALLY important stuff we teach them is sinking in.

It gives me hope that they will do what they have been instructed,

At least some of the time.

The moments of parenting that I have found most joy

In have been when the boys show me they know right from wrong

And chose right.

The desire I have for my boys to live their live, each moment, to glorify God,

Is increasing daily.

The idea that they are learning that they need to do EVERYTHING for the

GLORY of GOD is beautiful.

And that even means playing games to the glory of God.

It is so exciting to see them honor God by loving each other,

Not only as brothers, but as children of God.

So today, as the evening comes to an end,

I happily reflect on the moments of today.

Moments when I was able to enjoy my family.

Moments when I was able to watch my boys growing into loving men.

Moments of peace, quiet, joy, and special memories.

What a great day!


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