2011-2012 School Year Recap

Summer vacation is in full swing, here at the Dell house!

I am so excited about this summer.


Oh, there are so many reasons!!

This year, homeschooling took it’s toll on me.

We were using a curriculum that was not the right fit for our family.

We finished the year, but I am glad to have it done.

The boys and I pushed through some really tough days

And there were many struggles along the way.

I would say the year was good overall, but the curriculum was not the right fit

And that took a lot of joy out of the year.

I am excited to start school next year as we have some great things planned.

I have washed my hands of the dislikes and I am reflecting on the

Great things that came from the 2011 – 2012 school year.

I had the joy and pleasure of watching Collin

Master the alphabet,

Learn to read,

Count to 100  (one time),

And continue to grow in his love for worksheet work.

This year, Noah showed a lot of personal and educational growth too.

He continued to learn to read.

I have some concerns about his reading proficiency,

But I am really excited with his knowledge of the phonics rules.

He has picked them us so easily and applied them to his daily reading.

He also did a fantastic job of learning many

Additions and subtraction facts,

Counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.

He has also taken to teaching his brother some of the things he learned.

The boys are now 6 and 7.

The days of them waiting for daddy by the front door

Are sadly behind us.

That “waiting” has evolved into them developing games

Or activities they think about during the day and wait for Daddy to

Walk through the door and jump in.

It is a sweet development and a joy to watch.

Every night they still ask daddy if he is,

‘Going to read’ to them that night.

I think this is a funny question,

Because the answer is ‘yes’ 98% of the time.

I would think it would be assumed that he would at this point,

But they ask every day as though it is the highlight of their day.

It very well may be.

They get a boat load of time with me each day,

But evening story time, is daddy/son time.

I find it sweet and endearing that they long for their evening time with daddy.

The end of this school year has left me

More driven for the upcoming school year.

I am eager to order, organize, and implement the new curriculum that

I have chosen to make up our 2012 – 2013 school year.

Eager may be an understatement.

I think I am down right giddy!!

It has also made me want to make the most of our summer vacation.

We have started this week out with a band, with my sister visiting

With her sweet 8 week old puppy.

We have gone


To the park,

On countless walks,

To splashpads,



Run through the sprinkler,

Played games,




It has been a wonderful week  and a half of summer fun so far.

I cannot wait to watch the summer unfold.

I am looking forward to a wonderful summer vacation

Creating memories,

Sharing moments,

Learning, growing, and maturing

As a family.

How about you?

Are you looking forward to a fun summer?

Any plans??

I would love to hear what your summer looks like!


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  1. 1

    Erin said,

    Love it! Beautiful recap of a year of growth. As for me….I plan to go to the zoo with my friend Becky and a bunch of small boys. It will be funny. 🙂

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