So glad today is over!

If there is anything motherhood has taught me for sure,

You never know what each day will hold.

Today that was made painfully clear.

We started our day like every other day.

All was going well and Noah had completed a subject so I was spending

Some 1 on 1 time with Collin.

I was erasing a mark that was he couldn’t get to fade away.

Side note, why do the produce worksheets on such high glossy paper

That you cannot easily erase pencil??

Anyway, Collin had been sitting nicely on his knees and

Out of no where, he sits upright on his knees and slams his forehead

Into the point of the pencil.

NARROWLY missing his eye.

Like 1/2″ away from his eye.

Then there was the time when the boys were sword fighting with pencils.

And finally, the most death defying act of the day…

Collin allowed Noah to drape him in a curtain they typically used for

Fort building.

Then he put a pair of pants over Collins Head and proceeded to guide him around his room.

Mind you, I was downstairs in the kitchen, making dinner.

That is when I hear the thump of a body falling down the stairs.

Apparently, Collin wanted to be led down the stairs to show me the stunt.

WHAT in the world??

The boys are 7 and nearly 6.

If there is something else I can count on about mothering,

It is just how fragile and resillent a child is.

I pray the boys think about the incidents that happened today.

I pray they thank God, as I do, that they were not hurt.

I am beyond thankful they are okay.

Know what else I am thankful for on a stressful day like today?

The fact that they are both tucked safely into bed!

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  1. 1

    eaglejim said,

    Gee Becky, Keep an ear out for the thump of the bed falling through the ceiling. The were perfect angels Friday and Saturday on our trip to the Columbus Zoo. How come the government hasn’t yet outlawed pencils with erasers on them that force a child to aim a pointed weapon at their face every time they erase something? I do think I read that OSHA requires workers to wear goggles and a face mask while using those erasers though.

  2. 2

    Deanna said,

    Oh, I hear ya, sista! I lugged Charlotte into the urgent care last night (and “lugged” is the right word because of my recent shoulder surgery so I was carrying my seven-year-old with one arm) RIGHT AT closing time because she sliced her foot on a piece of glass. While in the waiting room, she looked at me with her big, brown eyes and said, “Mom, can we pray?” I love that little chica! Thankfully she needed only dermaplast and steri-strips (no stitches!). Don’t you just want cover them in bubble wrap and pad every corner of your house some days? Maybe we should leave the kids with the daddies and commiserate over dessert…soon! I’ll bring the bubble wrap!

  3. 3

    Poppey said,

    Guardian Angels also keep watch. Thank the Lord he watches over us.

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