The Shape of Our Day

My boys are growing up.

They are getting big.

They play well together.

They are finding their differences impact their relationship.

They are growing closer and also showing a separation.

It sounds so conflicting, but it has been a natural process.

I am amazed every day by their relationship.

I am encouraged and challenged by the way the treat one another.

They truly love one another.

They encourage one another.

They include one another.

They share a special bond,

One that I have nurtured carefully,

But cannot take responsibility for.

It is a gift from God and I pray it continues.

Since the beginning of January, the boys have played basketball.

It so much fun to watch them play with other children.

They are not on the same team.

As their first practices approached, I wondered how it would work.

I knew it would cause some anxiety for Collin especially.

The truth is, he was timid, but he quickly found his place.

He frequently looks at us and waves, but he is doing that less and less each week.

For Noah, my concern was him coming on too strong with the other kids.

That never seemed to be an issue.

He is probably the least experienced on his team.

He is not inclined to sports naturally, but he plays every week.

I love going to their games.

I LOVE it.

Love maybe to small of a word.

It is one part herding cats and 1 part organized chaos.

It works somehow.

As a homeschool mom, I struggle with supporting

The individuality of my boys.

I find it difficult because they are together all the time.

They rarely get the opportunity to venture off without the other one.

There are good and bad sides to this equation.

I think their bond is strengthened and challenged by being so close.

When you live, eat, share a room and play with your classmate,

You learn a very beneficial set of skills.

Top that off with your mother acting as teacher, disciplinarian and cook

You gain another great set of skills.

As a homeschool mom, I can’t leave work at the office because

The office is home.

The truth is, I too am learning an amazing set of skills.

Everyday we spend hours communicating with one another.

Some days I wish someone else was here to help field all of the

Chatter that fills the rooms in our house.

The opposite side of that coin is we have had to figure out how to deal with

Our issues as they come up.

And that, my friends, is one of the gifts of homeschooling my children.

We are learning how to communicate well with one another.

We cannot avoid issues with each other, no matter how trivial.

We cannot escape or ignore each other.

Some days our school room is a flutter with productivity and patience.

Some days we sound like a squeaky wheel.

Some days we are a well oiled machine.

Some days we are a square peg in a round hole and nothing goes as planned.

No matter what shape the day takes,

We are together.

We are learning more about one another.

We are sharing our lives.

For that I am exceedingly grateful and overwhelmingly blessed.

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    Phil Dell said,

    Extremely well said. Their relationship amazes me also.

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