A Picture Induced Memory Walk

The other day I was looking at pictures recently taken of my boys.

I love looking at their pictures.

As I was clicking through the new pics I came across one of Collin.

He is 5, but the angle of the picture made him look much older.

It made me stop in my tracks.

It sent me on a trip around my living room,

Holding the framed pictures from around the room.

My favorite pictures of the boys are in frames that clutter the top of our entertainment center.

I have one with a 15 month old Noah and a 3 week old Collin.

I remember the day we took them to get the picture taken.

Life was chaotic as I adjusted to life with 2 babies.

As I looked at the pictures my heart was filled with memories and my eyes filled with tears.

I am so thankful for my boys.

Looking at the pictures also and noticed how many we have of the boys,

And  how many we DO NOT have of Aaron and I together.

I plan on fixing that.

As I type this post, sunlight is streaming in through gaps in the curtains.

After school today I plan on taking the boys out to one of our favorite places to take some fall pictures.

I love warm, sunny days in November.

What’s not to love, the beauty of fall coupled with the warmth of spring.

A win win!

Take some time to look at some of your favorite pictures.

It does a heart good!

*I had planned on accenting this post with lots of pics, but I am unable to lad the pics for some reason.*



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    Erin said,

    I know what you mean! Sometimes I feel like I could just live with the camera strapped around my neck, you know? Capturing it all. Printing and organizing them is a whole other monster, though; i am awful at that! Enjoy your gorgeous fall day!

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