A Scary Moment…

This afternoon I was nearly involved in what could have been a serious car accident.

Here’s the story…

We were on our way to our favorite library.

We were traveling down the road, and stopped at a red light several cars back.

It was a construction zone, so 2 lanes were cut down to 1.

It was late afternoon and really sunny.

I stopped with over a car length between my car and the one in front of me.

I looked in my rear view mirror at the fast approaching car barreling toward us


In that moment I was verbally saying

“Stop! Stop!”

When he realized I was not moving, he jumped the curve to the right,

I saw him go right, and I went left.

I wasn’t able to clear my lane entirely, but I was able to angle us a bit.

The car that would have hit us, finally came to a stop exactly next to me.

Our front ends were matched up side by side.

If he would not have jumped that curb he would have hit us.


Tonight, I am so thankful God had his hand on us.

I am thankful he knows what lies ahead.

He has a plan.

I am so thankful he saved us from what could have been a life altering car accident.

To God be the glory!


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    Bridgett said,

    I am so glad you were spared from the accident. Getting hit from behind can cause many problems! Praise the Lord!

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