They Don’t Need Me… All The Time.

I spend a lot of time alone in the afternoons.

Not completely alone, the boys are upstairs or outside playing together.

It is a bittersweet time for me.

While I have found a love for reading,

Rediscovered my love of a quiet cup of afternoon coffee,

And I have time to work on dinner without interruption.

I miss our afternoon snuggles and reading time.

I am so thankful the boys love spending time together.

The truth is, they are 5 and 6, they get along more than they fight.

They feed off of each others ideas and they love to make each other laugh.

I am so thankful for that.

My boys are 14 1/2 months apart.

My sister and I are 16 months apart.

I remember the joys and struggles of growing up with a sibling just a little older than me.

I remember and that helps me know how to pray for my boys and their relationship.

It also makes it easy for me to project fears on my boys that have more to do with

My experience than their reality.

I have to continually check myself and figure out when to step in and when to let them

Work it out on their own.

I usually encourage them to figure it out.

They need to learn to share their ideas and listen to others,

Especially when creating things that will be for both of them to play with or in.

Since birth, Noah has been a little engineer, building, stacking, lining up and making things work.

He has also been able to take things apart and rebuild them.

Collin is more free spirited and will take apart a creation he has built,

Then remake it into something new and amazing.

It is a joy for this mommy to see them, unknowingly, learn from one another.

The truth is, there are fights along the way, but overall,

I can honestly say they love being with each other.

I am so thankful!

So as the days go by and I hear brainstorming from two little boys

You can find me smiling and even recording in secret.

It is so fun to spend my afternoons in quiet bliss while my 2 very different boys

Figure out how to work together to get a job done.



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    Dumeta said,


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    Phil Dell said,

    I never cease to be amazed and thrilled at how they love each other. I, like you, see fears from my past. God has blessed us and them beyond belief.

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