Homeschool Update

The school year is in full swing.

This year is going to be a challenge for sure.

I am not sure if it is having 2 boys in a very structured homeschool program

Or the fact that they are both in school for so long each day.

Collin absolutely LOVES school!

I was not sure he was ready for Kindergarten, as he is a really young 5 year old.

He has worked hard every day and completely enjoys his work.

I am so thankful and encouraged by his growth, I can hardly put it into words.

Every day he has blown me away by his desire to learn and love for doing so.

Noah has surprised me in a different way.

He is still very thorough and wants to follow directions precisely,

This year he wants me to hold his hand through every aspect of every lesson.

I was expecting Collin to need a little hand holding as he is the youngest and new to

The homeschool program we are using.

Not so, Collin wants to do everything by himself and Noah needs coaching.

It is not bad, just unexpected.

I am encouraging him to work independently, but I think it is going to be a process.

Noah has blown me away with his reading ability.

I was not nearly as good about having him read by himself this summer, as I had planned.

It is obvious that he has been paying attention while we read to him

As his reading skills have greatly improved.

I am so excited for this year of school.

I love teaching my boys.

I find I am growing and learning every day!

Time for another week to begin…

And I am so thankful!


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