I’ve Gone Nutty!

I have a little addiction I want to share with you.

I love peanuts!

The saltier the better.

I am not a fan of nuts in general, but give me some honey roasted or sea salted peanuts

And I loose all self control.

Last May, while at a party, I was fortunate enough to sample the most delicious peanuts I have ever tasted!

I mean, these nuts are amazing!

Brother Joe’s Peanuts have raised the bar on traditional peanuts.

Seriously, they are amazing.

They come in 4 flavors.

Sea Salt



and Hickory.

I didn’t get to taste the bacon peanuts, but the other 3 are incredible.

My favorite was the buffalo which is sweet enough that my boys both liked it, but still offers a kick.

Aaron liked the sea salt the most.

It is the perfect take on the traditional salted peanut.

The hickory was savory and delicious as well.

You can’t go wrong with any of Brother Joe’s Peanuts.

Football season is right around the corner and these nuts are the perfect addition

To your Sunday afternoon routine.

Now, what is better than good old fashion peanuts?

Free peanuts!

Right now, go “like” their facebook fan page!

Brother Joe’s Peanuts is giving away 10 4lbs of gourmet peanuts.

All you have to do is post “hickory” on their wall.

Be creative!

Contest details and how to order .

You are welcome, in advance for letting you know about this yummy snack!


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