Four little feet on the couch next to me.

These feet lead the way to adventure.

Every day they carry my boys through experiences and often follow my larger,

More traveled feet.

I look at their feet and remember the first time I laid eyes on them.

If you have ever had your new baby around me, you probably know

I cannot wait to tear away the blanket, socks, footie jammies and look at those tiny little piggies.

I am a bit obsessed with baby feet.

That is probably why I remember the first time I saw, touched and kissed the toesies on the feet of my babies.

Now they are bigger.

MUCH bigger.

They look like regular old feet now.

While my desire to kiss them has mostly gone I still love to rub them.

Both of my boys know this and will often stick their bare tootsies in my lap and proclaim,

“here are your feet mom!”

And I almost always jump at the chance to rub them.

Now they always seem to have a smudge of dirt on them and toenails always seem to need a trim.

I love that Collin referred to his toenails as “pawnails” for the first 4 years of life.

It was so odd, and so endearing.

I love that!

In our everyday life, these feet







And lead to new adventures and familiar places.

As they go through life, I pray they lead them to wonderful, exciting places.

No matter where they lead, they are welcome on the couch next to me.


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