A Moment Written On My Heart

This morning I crept into the bed

Of my sweet little, precious, 5 year old sleepy head.

I needed to wake him, an appointment to keep.

But OH how I wanted to snuggle with him and sleep.

The covers were pulled up, tight tucked under his arm.

I watched as he breathed and I breathed in his charm.

I wrapped my arm around him, pulled him against my chest.

I closed my eyes enjoying the moment and I began to rest.

I opened my eyes, he was looking at me.

With a crooked half smile and eyes full of glee.

We played a quick game of wake up, go to sleep

My heart overflowing, making memories to keep.

I could have stayed there all day with my cute little guy.

But I resisted, got up and let out a sigh.

I headed downstairs, my oldest was there.

Where I left him from our cuddling in my favorite chair.

I told him I had been snuggling his brother upstairs.

He looked at me offended then ruffled his hair.

He said he wanted to cuddle me in my bed too.

I told him we had to go, feeling his sadness starting to brew.

I told him tomorrow and we set a date

To spend some time snuggling in bed, I can hardly wait.

A tiny grin started to make his lips part.

These are the moments I write on my heart.


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