A Word…

What’s in a word?

A single word can bring about a world of











And more.

Lately I have been thinking about the power of a single word.

We recently had an incident with one of our boys.

He did something that he knew better than to do.

It created a hole in one of the walls in our house and a big problem for Aaron to fix.

Our reaction was harsh.

While he needed to know that what he did was wrong and needed the correction,

We crushed him with our words.

Instead of correcting him and teaching him in the moment,

We pulled the rug out from under him and hurt him.

As a parent, I have had my share of screw-ups and it hurts me deeply when I discipline incorrectly.

When the boys were really young, I struggled hourly daily with yelling at them.

I think it was my first language when it came to disciplining them.

I was overwhelmed with motherhood and my patience wore thin.

Thankfully, God created the boys with loving and forgiving hearts and they still loved and trusted me.

As they have grown out of toddlerdom and into school aged kiddo’s God has taught me to yell less and talk more.

I would yell out of frustration and anger.

I wanted to be heard!

Truth is, the results of my yelling was the opposite of my intention.

I would not only devastate the spirit of my sweet boys, but I would feel terrible.

I still yell, but my not nearly as frequently.

As a parent I constantly learn as I go.

It is a blessing and a challenge.

I am thankful for the way I am being shaped and molded.

It is a gift to watch it unfold before my eyes.

As I think of the power of words, I think of how I have been molded and changed by them.

I think of the impact of positive words.

Hard words that were said out of love.

Words said to tear down.

Words said to build up.

The struggle I face is to undo the damage of the words that have hurt.

Words that have cut so deep that the scars carry more weight than the tapestry woven of beautiful words.

Then there are words that I have said, trust and believe about who I am.

Words that I would never dare say or think about other people.

Words that tear down my heart and make me doubt the truth I know and believe.

The truth is, erasing the negative and replacing them with positive cannot be done alone.

I can’t take away my insecurities or fear on my own.

Thankfully I serve a God who can.

I can trust in His words.

I can believe everything He says.

That is a rich blessing and brings great comfort and joy to my heart.

Praise God!

As I go through each day, I pray my words are encouraging and full of love.

I am thankful for moments to learn and moments of forgiveness.

I am thankful for healing and growth.

And I am thankful for new days and fresh starts.


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