Daddy Dates

I love the feeling of little arms wrapped tight around my neck.

The random stolen snuggles from a busy 5 and 6 year old.

Sometimes I have chosen other things over those tiny precious moments.

Sometimes I needed to breathe and those moments were pushed aside.

Sometimes it was okay.

Sometimes it was selfish.

There are many things I expected when I became a mommy.

There are even more surprises.

I think one of the best things is also the hardest.

The constant need of my time.

There were days where years when I couldn’t take a shower alone.

Sure, the bathtub and water were all mine, but there was a baby in a bouncy seat in the room with me.

I used to sigh and complain about how much I needed a break.

Truth is, I did!

Desperately at times!!

Now, Aaron and I have begun to make it a priority for him to do as much as possible with just he and the boys.

We call them daddy dates they are precious!

Noah is 6 and his need for me is a far stretch from where it once was.

His need for Daddy time is also much greater.

While he still calls out for me when he is hurt or needs some love.

He has always loved changing the oil with Aaron, and doing other “manly” jobs around the house,

Now he is willing AND able to do so many odd jobs with Aaron.

It s precious and we are trying to nurture that part of their relationship.

Collin is still a little lacking when it comes to a job that requires a long attention span.

He has a big heart and an even bigger desire to please and spend time with Aaron.

I love watching the boys spend time with Aaron.

There is something special about their relationship.

And the look of amazement and pure bliss that resides on their little faces hours after their

Special Daddy date is priceless.

I am so thankful for my boys and my big guy too.

I am very blessed.


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    Jenny W said,

    What is it with Collin and that face he makes for pictures? It makes me laugh every time. I miss those little fellas!

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