My Mosaic of Memories

Tonight I invite you to join me on my porch.

I am regretting my earlier decision to not buy a bottle of wine,

But nonetheless, it is a lovely evening.

Our boys are in bed,

The evening air is fresh and cool,

A book I have been reading is calling my name.

I am in a bit of reflective mood tonight,

Summer does that to me.

I remember the summers as a kid, in the same neighborhood I now call home.

We would ride our bikes all day and stay out until the street lights came on in the evening.

Our summer days were filled with creativity, walks to the library and a lot of sisterly bonding.

I am the youngest of 2 girls.

Our neighborhood was bustling with children and there was always someone to play with.

The summers of my teenage years were fun too.

I was a nanny for one school year and summer.

I was in charge of 3 kids and we had a wonderful time.

We spent the summer days that year at a local water park,

The same place I took my very own children to today.

The first summer  Aaron and I were dating was one of the best summers of my life.

We were in love and free to come and go as we pleased!

We had VERY minimal responsibility and we were learning so much about one another.

My first summer with Noah was busy.

I couldn’t sit still.

It completely flew by.

I really don’t remember much other than a weekend trip to visit my sister in Georgia.

The next summer with 2 little ones was crazy.

I kept us busy because I was pretty much afraid of being alone with them both all day every day.

I didn’t know what to do.

The next few summers are a blur.

There were trips and vacations.

VBS programs.

Swimming trips.

And countless other memories that make the mosaic that is forever on my heart.

Sometimes, if I think really hard I can focus on one of the tiles on my mosaic.

I see a glimpse of a 3 year old Noah doting over a 2 year old Collin.

I see them sitting in the very hammock chair I am enjoying tonight.

Sharing the seat, giggling and bonding.

I see Noah’s face turn from a big smile to a huge crying mess the first time he met his new brother.

I see hours of water play,

Ball throwing,

Garden planting.

Running .

And bike riding.

I see little toes curl up, the first time they experience grass.

So many precious memories.

And we are on the cusp of a new summer.

A clean slate lay before us.

I wonder what tiles will find their way into my mosaic.

I can’t wait to see what this summer holds,

I will be sure to keep you posted!


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  1. 1

    Beck said,

    So special and a great perspective of starting out the summer fresh. Max is staying for a week with my parents in North Carolina all on his own right now, it feels like such a right of passage. I’m excited but a little stunned, how could he be old enough for a week away from mommy!

  2. 2

    Dumeta said,

    I have been absent from here for awhile and have missed your blogs terribly. Glad to be back and love the mosaic memories. You are the best!!!!!

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