A New Hobby And It’s SEW Exciting!

Years ago I learned how to sew.

I have an older sewing machine in my attic.

It is in need of severe attention and we just didn’t have the money to fix it.

Last year I started looking into quilting and bag/purse making, but w/o a working machine,

I just enjoyed looking at the beautiful fabric and patterns.

A couple of months ago, my Father in law showed up at our house

With my Mother in laws fantastic sewing machine!

He told me it said it wanted to live here and I think he was right.

It sat in our dining room, then in our office, begging me to us it!

Finally, when our school year was complete for the year, I pulled it out and started to play!

MAN is this thing nice to use!

My New Baby!

For my first project, I took a shirt that was to big for me and made an apron.

I wanted to make some kind of ruffle along the side, but didn’t have enough fabric.

I ended up stumbling upon this little posey, by just playing around!

I added one of the pearl snap buttons for the center of the flower.

I used the former front closures, pearl snap button, for the apron tie.

That is it, I was hooked!!

Later that week, I hit the fabric store to make this

Here is the pattern…

The Buttercup Bag

This project was great!

It only took a couple of hours from start to finish and I got to practice pleating and other basic steps.

I love how fabric companies make it easy to have contrasting fabrics!

I am not good at matching up fabrics so I completely appreciate that it is done for me!

Last night I made this beauty!

Here is the free pattern

Pink October Tote

I made a major mistake and had to cut at least 2 inches off of the length of this bag.

I may make it again, but bigger this time.

I love how it turned out!

The back of the bag.

The inside of the front pocket.

I love the birds, so cute!

I used a ribbon closure. I added it for detail instead of a typical closure.

I attached the pocket with a wavy stitch.

Well, that’s it for now, but I will share more pics as I make more items!

If you are thinking of beginning to sew, bags are a great place to start!


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  1. 1

    Erin said,

    I love the new bag! And I love that you are loving your new hobby! We should meet in Waynesville someday, do lunch, and spend an hour or two in the Fabric Shack….you would love it there. 🙂

    • 2

      I am NOT a sewer I know how I just don’t enjoy it. BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to the fabric shack it is such a fun shop I go with my mom who loves to quilt. Even my 2 older kids love to go and look at the material. Did you know that they have a warehouse down the road?
      Your doing a great job on your purses so proud of your new found hobby so proud of anybody that enjoys sewing I wish I enjoyed sewing.

    • 3

      dellgirl1 said,

      I love the fabric shack! I haven’t been in a very long time! Let’s do it Erin!

  2. 5

    […] A New Habit And It's SEW Exciting! « Random Becky […]

  3. 6

    stephanylw said,

    Those are so stinking cute! I may have to bring over some material (and two large fat free carmel macchiato’s) and have a little girl time with you and your new machine! 🙂

  4. 7

    Sew Cute! But seriously – you can make me an apron ;-)! I don’t do sewing. Home Ec at DC was the only C I EVER GOT!!! So feel free to make me one of those cute aprons or a bag!! Can’t wait to see what else you are going to make!

  5. 8

    Susan said,

    Love those cute purse patterns!! I’d totally try them, but due to my purse addiction (and the closet full testifying to it), making myself more purses might damage my marriage. 😉

    Be sure when you go to Fabric Shack to look for the shelf full of bolts of cowboy fabric!! Everytime I saw it I thought of you and with a little more free time I might’ve shown up at your place with quilts for the boys. 😉 Boy do I miss it there. The Quilt Tree here is pretty good, but I loved Fabric Shack!!

  6. 10

    cathy said,

    I have made a lot of totes. They are fun! You can do a little quilting on a purse or tote and it makes it look great. Also, sign up for the JoAnn Fabric coupons on line and use your 40 or 50% off coupon for your batting, or buy your batting at Walmart. Also Hobby Lobby has on line coupons you can print and use for fabric and batting. I just pray and ask the LORD to send me fabric and I only use fabric donated to me, except for an occasional fabric I buy which is more of a solid type print. That is what I call a TIE it in print/color. Muslin and white are tie in fabrics.

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