Break Free Friday- Impulse Control

Here we are, one week into the challenge.

Let me know if you participated in this breaking free

Break Free – Challenge 1

I am very happy to announce that I had a great week.

I had a curve ball thrown by way of a cracked tooth and necessary near liquid diet.

I bought some sugar free jello, but was able to find other options so I could hold firm to my commitment and not make any of it!

The scale was reflected my dedication too!

I am down 6 lbs!!

I am so excited!

Also convicted of how much dessert I had been eating.

I have also started reading a great book called,

“Made to Crave”.

I will be sharing little gems from this book with you as I feel led.

It is a great book.

The premise is simple.

God made us to crave HIM!

I have replaced that craving for Him with everything but Him.

That is a sin.

My priorities are far to often centered around the desires of my stomach and the feeling

Certain foods give me.

What if I found my pleasure, joy, comfort and peace from the word rather than inside my fridge or pantry.

I have had several moments of insight this week.

The most revealing is my desire to fill “down time” with something.

Often food.

That is not good my friends!

Not good at all.

This revelation led me to the second Challenge.

This week I will be focusing on impulse control.

I know I will need to eat.

I know I will be hungry between meals.

I know I will be having a root canal and need to be have soft foods on hand.

So, what is a girl to do?

I will make a plan.

A plan to eat, when I truly need to, and only then.

My hearts desire is to be so filled with love for the Lord that everything else is an after thought.

I have also decided to extend my no dessert challenge, sort of.

For the time being, I will only have dessert on special occasions or when we go out for dessert.

I need to be strict with myself right now.

So I will commit to these challenges this week.

Will you join me?

Let me know your thoughts!!

I would love to know how/what you are doing!


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  1. 1

    I love your heart. I struggle with this so much too. I want that book. Where did you get it?

  2. 2

    Mom said,

    6 lbs. Great job!!! One question though, what’s wrong with sugar-free jello???

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