Break Free Friday, An Introduction and Challenge 1

I am in a slump.

And I am tired of it!

I have so many issues fighting for center stage in my brain right now, I need to make changes.

BIG changes.

I have decided to blog about them.

I treasure your comments, prayer and support.

I also hope to encourage you too.

Here is the plan…

I will “give up” something for a week.

Each Friday I will post a new challenge for the week.

If you want to join in, feel free.

I would love to know what you are doing!

Leave a comment w/ the link and I will pass it along on my blog.

My immediate focus will be things that are preventing me from a healthy lifestyle,

But I will also branch out into other area’s as the weeks continue.

I hope you will join me every week for

“Break Free Friday”.

My goal is to tear down the things which take the form of an “idol” in my life.

Things that keep me from being who I am called to be in Christ.

I feel like my brain is a muddled mess and I need to clear it by cutting myself free from the things

Which are holding me captive.

I will do things one week at a time, and reincorporate them into my life as I feel led.

I did this a while ago with my scale.

I had been weighing myself as much as 8 times a day.

It was affecting my life in so many ways, I can’t begin to count them all.

I had to weigh myself morning, noon and night.

AND several times in between.

It became a god to me and the disappointment was devastating.

Several months ago, I spent an evening with my girlfriends




I shared with them my obsession with the number on the scale and they

Immediately told me to get rid of it.

It took several weeks for me to actually part with it, but when I did, it was amazing.

I gave the scale to my mom and just got it back a few weeks ago.

I weigh myself every 5 days now and if I am a day or two late, it’s okay.

By getting it out of my life for a while, I learned to live without it.

So that is the premise on which this process was born.

BREAK FREE FRIDAY challenge 1-

No desserts for one week.

I will still have fruit, but no cookies, cakes, brownies, ice cream…

You get the idea.

So, will you join me??


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  1. 1

    Gretchin Weller said,

    I’m game!! Now my problem will be finding excuse on what is dessert and what is not. Please check out the website. There is a healthy eating tool that takes everything you eat and puts them in to your diet. Eating from the food pyramid. I start december 1st and lost 25 pounds. we live 5 minutes from each other. Lets meet and walk, jog, whatever. Becky, you are not alone I struggle everyday. I just wanna look at me and see the beauty that everyone else sees. Until then I will be a prisoner to myself. Love ya!! Lets do this!!!!

  2. 2

    I’m so proud of you for removing that scale, Becky!!

    I love this idea to challenge ourselves! I will be with you on the desserts next week too. I’m trying to get back to eating healthier again and the desserts are my weakest point. It’s like my mind focuses on just them when I know I shouldn’t do it. Looks like I’ll need to hit the store on Monday to get more fruit now 🙂 I’ve been drinking a lot of smoothies and they seem to satisfy me lately. Even though I never have done smoothies with yogurt in the past, they are more filling and helps me get my calcium in. I’ll be praying for you this week to overcome the call of the ding dongs 🙂

  3. 3

    Becky you were so wise to just give the scale away for a while. I weigh myself once a week and then put the scale away where I can’t easily get to it because you’re exactly right – it’s TOO easy to obsess over the number if you can hop and off it all day long.

    Sweets are my achilles heel — mmmm, sugar! I do give it all up in Lent and let me tell ya, the FIRST week is the hardest. I mean it is HARD. After the first week, I can honestly say the craving really does decrease. It is definitely a “sugar detox” situation for me.

    Love this idea, miss all my girls, time to get back on FB & Twitter!!

  4. 4

    Celia said,

    Becky Dell, you are awesome! I love you! Even if you do make me feel bad for eating 3 cadbury eggs tonight! 😉 i’m gonna start tomorrow…

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