Dream BIG!

I have a little obsession with…

As you may know, I have been working with Feld Entertainment

Sharing some upcoming events like

Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus

as well as Monster Jam Thunder Nationals

EVEN giving away tickets!

It has been great and I love working with Feld.

Today I was invited to attend an “elephant tour”

And actually MEET the elephants and some of the trainers from the circus.

I literally broke out in a flop sweat when I got the call inviting me to this event.

So this morning I headed to Us Bank Arena!

I met Joe and Alex who work directly with the elephants.

Alex has been with the circus for 20+ years and is also

THE man who drives the motorcycle on the high wire during the circus!

Joe’s father and 3 uncles are in the circus as well.

His father is the #1 elephant trainers in the US.

Many things were obvious within minutes of talking Joe.

First and foremost the elephants are an extension of his family.

It was hard to keep track of whether he was talking about a person or a pachyderm.


He loves what he does and I am pretty sure his elephants are treated better than some kids.

This little beauty is 2 1/2.

Me, Ruby, Joe, Nicole (I think), and Amy.

(Check her out over at amyinohio.com)

There are many interesting things I could share with you from my experience today.

There is so much negative media out there about the way circus animals are treated.

I wanted to share a great story with you.

There is a new(ish) baby in this circus family.

He was diagnosed with Herpes, the number 1 killer of baby elephants.

Because of the intimate care these elephants receive and knowledge gained through the experience of the caregivers,

The little guy was diagnosed in time to treat and successfully beat the illness.

He was struck with a mutation of the illness and had to undergo further treatment, but is now well!

He is only the 9th elephant to survive herpes.

As I said before the people that care for the elephants love them.

They are a great big extended family.

Thank you Feld Entertainment for making this bloggers dream come true!

I loved my experience!




2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Andrea@mommyconfessionsblog said,

    Looks like so much fun. I am so sad that I missed it….I am glad you got to though.
    I LOVE the new hair by the way…

  2. 2

    Kandi said,

    So glad you got to experience it! Looks like it was fun!

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