He is there

It’s another early morning

And she’s again on her way

To a doctors appointment.

Staring  in the eye of

The great unknown.

Faced with fear and disappointment.

What did the doctor find

What will he prescribe.

To help her fight this disease.

Will she be knocked down

By the words he will say,

Or transported to a

Place of contentment.

The news he has to share

Shakes her to the core.

As she falls to her knees,

She trusts in HIM more..

With comfort and peace

He sustains and carries her.

Her body is trembling.

Her mind is racing

She knows not what to say.

She thinks of her children.

The life that she loves.

Of her Husband, her family.

So much has changed

In the blink of an eye.

So much undone.

So much destroyed.

Then she feels His presence.

She knows she is loved.

She knows she’s forgiven.

By the gift of the Son.

She thinks of his sacrifice.

Of His life undone.

Of His humiliy and love.

The gift of the cross.

The gift of new life.

The hope of eternity


She raises her head.

She stands to her feet.

Holds tight to the hand of her husband.

Together they cry.

Together they mourn.

Together the meet Jesus.

He’s holding them both

In His out stretched arms.

Keeping them, just as He promised.

Knowing full well

That God has a plan.

Comforts their weary spirits.

The road they must travel,

Has been chosen for them,

For reasons they can’t seem to find.

Where do they start,

How do they begin.

To walk down this difficult path.

They look to the Bible for wisdom and help.

They reach out to the people around them.

They let others in.

They share their load.

And the others seem to know how to help them.

They are not alone.

They are children of God.

Surrounded by love and support.

He WILL meet their needs.

He WILL carry them all.

He WILL forever love them.

For He is a god who not only keeps His word,

BUT created the journey they are living.

While the road may be bumpy

Full of pain and surprise.

They know full well





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