March 9, 2005…

Here we are.

You are 6.years.old.


I know I say it every year, but how did that happen.

This has been a big year for you.

You have learned so much and grown a bunch too.

You learned to READ.

You learned to WRITE.

You can add and subtract.

You are becoming more confident and showing great leadership skills.

You are learning to care for people.

A few months ago, when I joined the gym, you had a hard time adjusting.

It was really hard for you and I.

We started praying for your time at the gym.

We started praying for your “enemies” every morning on our way to the gym.

Not only did it change our attitudes when we arrived at the gym,

It changed your behavior and taught you to seek God’s face in the midst of trials.

You are still learning this lesson, I think it is a life long lesson.

The change this has brought in you has been huge!

You are a true inspiration to me.

You teach me so much every day.

You still love to work puzzles, but it has begun to share the spot light with coloring and lego building.

I have loved the 5  year old you!

I have loved teaching you in Kindergarten.

You are a generous, loving boy and I am so thankful to be your mommy!

I love you!

Happy Birthday!


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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little man!

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