GimmE Five!

Last fall I  met a very sweet woman.

Her name is Elizabeth, she goes by “E”.

She is a

Child of God.



And a close friend to a lot of my close friends.

Here is E…


*I stole this pic from her blog,

EEEK I Have A Blog!*

*She and her hubbie, Steve are full time staffers w/ Athlete’s in Action.

Last month, I saw a call to pray for E on Facebook and Twitter.

She was having surgery to discover what was going on in her belly.

It turns out, she has ovarian cancer.





SO now she is in the fight of her life.

On Jan 21, she had a  complete hysterectomy.

She also had a small amount of cancer on her colon.

Her Dr. was able to remove ALL the cancer during surgery.

She will have outpatient surgery this Thursday to have two ports placed, one in her chest and one in her abdomen, through which she will receive the chemo.

The cancer has been removed, but she is in the beginning of her treatment plan.

In the last 3 weeks she has lost 25 lbs.

She had a conversation with her daughter about how she will be losing her hair.

She is sharing her journey on her blog and I have been reading it.

Here are some facts you may want to know…

Steve and Elizabeth have three children:

Olivia age 5

Turner age 3

Quinn age 3.

(They adopted Quinn from China in 2009.)

You will find a new jewel, a button actually, on the right side of my blog.

“GimmE 5”

I am doing something I have never done on my blog.

I am asking you, my friends, to help support this family on their journey.

I am joining with these wonderful ladies:

Emily Berry & Jenny Rapson, Mommin It Up
Susie Thomas, Here Only
Andrea Deckard, Savings Lifestyle
Cortney Loyd, Evan Has Landed
Maria Woodall, The BMC Report
Tricia Callahan, Once A Month Mom
Celia Emmons, West Ana Will Go

In a blog campaign of sorts,

To raise money to help meet the needs of this family.

You can click directly on the button to see  Caring For E and donate through paypal.

We are asking specifically for $5 donations, but feel free to give as you feel led.

Please pray before you click.

If you don’t feel led to donate, PLEASE pray!

“All gifts will be used for expenses incurred by the Koproski family during E’s months of chemotherapy.  Since E is a stay-at-home mom, these expenses will likely include paying for child care, transportation, house cleaning, and grocery shopping but will also likely include many ‘unexpected’ expenses that at this point we cannot imagine, and other things like insurance co-pays, and any adaptive equipment or items that E might need to be comfortable at home. Rest assured that E and Steve are grateful and humbled by this effort and will be the best stewards of your generous gifts.”

Thank you.

God bless.


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    celiae said,

    Thanks, friend. Beautiful post! You are so awesome!! (and smart!) ❤ you!

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