Mirror Image

Mirror Mirror on the wall, you bring me

Self Destruction.

False Image.

Critical thought.

When I look in the mirror I see the above.

Things I know aren’t real.

Things I know aren’t true.

It is a road many people travel.

For me, a place of



Deep wounds.

And sadness.

This is the cycle I lived in for years.

Every day it is something I struggle with, in varying degree’s.

The image in the mirror is not where I need to draw the reflection of who I am.

This is a hard lesson.

A life long lesson perhaps.

I need to spend more time reflecting on the words in the Bible.

It should be my mirror.

I should study, deeply it’s lines and wrinkles.

The wisdom.

The lives.

The struggles.

The scars.

The wounds.

The victory.

The Love.

The Sovereignty.

The Grace.

The Mercy.

The Peace.


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