What Christmas Means To Me

Tis the season to be



And bright.

To me Christmas is a giant kaleidoscope of






and more.

Through the years we have seen many changes during this holiday.

It seems all of my favorite memories involve my family.

Growing up I was blessed to live only a few blocks away from my grandparents.

This was especially handy when I wanted to “run away from home”.

My mom is an only child and a product of a divorced home.

My father is one of 6.

His father was 18 years older than his mother and by the time my dad was born,

Grandpa was 51.

My childhood was written with memories of cousins and family babysitters.

I never remember anyone other than my grandparents watching my sister and I.

There was one time I stayed with my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Sue, other than that just grandparents.

What a blessed way to grow up.

I spent a lot of time with both Grandma’s and one of my Great Grandma’s.

I didn’t know how special that was until I was much older.

Now that all of my grandparents have passed away I treasure my childhood.

I reflect often on the impact they have made on my life.

How I always had a place to go when I didn’t feel anyone else understood me.

My Grandma’s were very different from one another.

My Grandma Wilma, mom’s mom, was a hoochi bit on the wild side.

She went from bad relationship to bad relationship.

From bar to bar.

From husband to husband.

Someday I will share the tale of her husbands…

The “male witch” and the polygamist.

Scouts honor. I wish I was being dramatic.

Somehow, in spite of herself, she was a wonderful grandmother.

She was raised by a very conservative, godly woman.

My Great Grandma was a woman of integrity who offered my mom stability and unconditional love.

My Grandma Ruth, Dad’s Mom, was a home maker.

She never drove and her “place” was in the home.

She loved being a grandma and I loved being her granddaughter.

She always had extra mouths to feed and never complained.

She always had cookies and mints and was the best at soothing pain.

Physical and emotional.

I love both of my grandma’s for different reasons.

I would be hard pressed to find one commonality between the two, but somehow they meshed.

The have both left a mark on my life.

They both were used by God to shape me in different ways and help build the woman I am today.

While the differences in these women are profound so was the love they had for me.

The love that has impressed upon me importance of embracing the differences in people.

One of my grandma’s was Catholic, one Protestant(ish).

One Replublican, one Democrat.

One Older, one younger.

I love the memories I have with both of my Grandma’s.

Every year when Christmas rolls around I think of my grandma’s.

How I wish they could have met my boys.

How they would have loved them beyond words.

How much I could learn from them as an adult.

How thankful I am to have lived so close to them growing up.

And more…

So when I think of what Christmas means to me I immediately think of the gift of Jesus.

The gift of his life.

The glory of God brought to earth as a tiny babe.

I also think of the family I have been given.

The love of my Grandparents.

The treasure they were.

The lessons they taught me.

How much I long for their embrace.

How much I miss them.

So to me, the meaning of Christmas is LOVE.

Merry Christmas.



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    Jenny said,

    I miss them so much too. They made a huge impact in their own unique ways.

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