More Than Words

I wish I had word to explain how I love you.

Words to tell you what happened to my heart the day I found out you were growing inside of me.

Words to tell you how I felt the first time I felt you move inside of me.

As a mommy I have learned that words only go so far.

They come close to expressing what I am trying to say, but often fall short.

Knowing words will never come close to expressing what I feel for you boys,

I still cling to them.

I write them down,

I type them.

I scribble them, like graffiti, all over the walls of my heart.

Everyday I add to the “art” to my heart walls.

When I fill one wall, another appears.

It is beautiful gallery of the moments we have shared.

Some you realize, most you don’t.

Moments of

Everyday bliss.





Even moments of diaper changes and messes.

The good, bad and ugly that make up our relationship.

When I became a mother my heart grew.

Plain and simple.

Motherhood offers many opportunities for me to lay down my life for yours.

It tore down walls of a rickity, fragile house and made it into a home.

As the days go on, and time flies by

I walk through life as a

Child of God.



Daughter. Sister. Friend.

Everyday I learn more of who I am in each of those roles.

I learn to balance priorities, hold to convictions and DEPEND on Christ.

I pray for you.

I thank God for you.

I protect you.

I feed you.

I clothe you.

I teach you.

Every day your presence changes me.

For the better.

I was created to be your Mommy.

And for that I am FOREVER grateful.





2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Erin said,

    I love your line about adding art to your heart walls. Beautiful!

  2. 2

    Dumeta said,

    Smiling here in Cincinnati. In 2011 I look so forward to you scribbling more of your graffiti on my heart. Amazing, talented writer you are!!!!!

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