Tomorrow and Today

Tomorrow I will…

Hug my husband.

I will kiss him.

I will no longer miss seeing his face.

I will hug my boys.

I will touch Noah’s sweet soft cheeks.

I will rub Collin’s back.

I will be with my heart.

I have missed my guys so much while I have been in Oklahoma.

I have missed the little things most.

Pouring milk for Noah for breakfast,

And hearing a Thank you Mommy in return.

Looking at Collin while he doesn’t know I am,

Only to be caught by his twinkling eye and grinned at.

While I have been away I have learned so much about myself.

More about God too.

It is funny how He can teach you so much in the midst of craziness.

I met some WONDERFUL people.

I was able to see a family who loves each other deeply.

I felt their embrace.

I was able to help, but I was deeply ministered to as well.

I laughed a lot.

I went out to a piano bar, and hung out with grown ups.

I met new people and was able to be me.

It was great.

I sit and type from the bed of my newly married friend.

She is off starting her life with her new hubby and I am sitting here typing.

Unable to sleep by the many thoughts racing through my mind.

Some good.

Some great.

Some big.

Some little.

Most of my thoughts are directed to my boys.

I can’t wait to kiss their sweet faces and tickle their little tummies.

I can’t wait for Noah to take off his socks, show me his naked feet and say

“Here are your feet mom”, while he waits for me to rub them.

I can’t wait to give Collin a kiss on his cheek, climb onto my lap and press his ear into my chest.

It will be heaven!

I pray I will be able to make it home tomorrow.

Some flights have been canceled due to weather issues.

If I don’t get to come home, I will go crazy, but rest in God’s plan.

I am so thankful for the new friendships that have been formed while I have been here.

I am so thankful for the old friendships that have been strengthened.

I am so thankful for a husband that encouraged me to come here.

I am richly blessed by so many things.

Tonight I am thankful for these.



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