Kankle Induced Laziness.

It’s been a while since I have talked about my recovery, so I thought it was time for an update.

My back is doing really well.

I am on a 3 times a week gym schedule where I do cardio, stretching and weight machines.

I have lost some weight, but a lot of inches.

21.5 to be exact!

I know, crazy!

I am seeing a lot of improvement and feel amazing.

This week I have  not been able to go to the gym.

I have Kankle Induced Laziness.

My left foot is still numb, which translates to me not always knowing what it is doing.

Well, Saturday, I was walking and it turned under and I stepped down on my ankle bone.

(For the millionth time since surgery.)

No pain, remember, it is numb!

I did hear a pop though and swelling started the next day.

This pic was taken today.

5 days after injury.

Almost back to normal!

So until the swelling goes away, I can’t exercise.

I miss the gym, terribly!

For real.

I will be back at it soon and can’t wait.

Well that’s it for now.



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    I am so sorry. But I feel your pain as soon as I read it I felt nauseous for you. I am glad it is numb ONLY in this one situation.I Hope you feel better soon. LOVE ya.

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