My Little Is Not So Little Anymore…

My sweet Collin,

Yesterday I looked at you and it was as if you time warped into a big kid from a baby

In a matter of seconds.

I remember the first time I saw you.

I remember the first time you nursed.

I remember watching you roll over at 14 DAYS old!

A lot has happened since those first precious memories!

Now your milestones are marked differently.

You know how to walk, run, talk, sing, play, entertain yourself, feed yourself and the like.

Now you are learning letters, pen control, how to stand up for yourself in an appropriate way.

You can write your name.

You can draw people.

You can cut your pancakes with the side of your fork.

You amaze me.

You are getting taller now, wearing a size 5t and are convinced you can do whatever you want to do.

I hope you never lose that!

While I know there will be things you can’t do,

I love that you are willing to try so many things.

You are more similar to me than your brother.

That makes our relationship challenging in some area’s.

You still love to cuddle and I think you’d spend the entire day cuddled up on my lap.

I would be covered w/ my favorite brown blanket, you would settle in on top.

I love to watch you sing from the rear view mirror when you don’t know you are being watched.

You always add a dance or “air” instrument.

It is precious.


A summation of your personality.

I know these days are fleeting, but I am storing memories of you in my heart.

I remember looking at your Daddy right before you were born,

Literally moments before you were born,

Asking him how could we possibly love another child as much as we loved Noah.

Then you were born.

The question was answered.

My love for you, while it was present from the moment I found out you were growing inside of me,

Increased a millionfold.

I am so thankful I am your mommy.

I love you so much and I eagerly await tomorrow,

The next






And beyond.

You are a joy and I love you so much.

(And Daddy does too!)


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