Holding On.

In the middle of the night.

In our quiet old house.

I heard the sound of our 5 year old creep, softly into our room.

I watched him slip under the covers next to my husband.

I wanted him to stay, I love cuddling with my boys.

I didn’t say anything.

Neither did Aaron.

We let him stay.

That is a very unusual response.

It felt right last night.

He needed us.

He needed to cuddle.

I don’t recall the last time he slept with us.

I am thankful for last night.

This morning I felt him stroking my arm.

Shoulder to elbow.

Elbow to shoulder.


So sweet.

So tender.

So precious.

So Heavenly.

The last 5 1/2 years have flown by.

I was given the “ok” to pick Noah up by my therapist.

Last week actually.

I was afraid to pick him up though so I waited until yesterday.

As I picked him up, he filled my arms and heart.

He wrapped his arms tight around my neck,

His legs around my waist.

Holding on for dear life.

Like this moment was going to slip away.

We had a tiny moment in the kitchen enjoying the closeness I have so deeply missed.

He asked me to take him in the dining room to show “everyone” else.

We did.

It was so sweet that it was such a big moment for him too!

Thank you God for the continued healing you are blessing me with.


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    Dumeta said,

    Praise God!

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