Cookin Out and Thinking Back

Yesterday was Labor day!

Aaron was on call, but didn’t have to go in at all!!

The day started off wonderfully.

Aaron made his “Daddy’s famous oatmeal”.

*Noah named it that about 2 years ago…*

Then we let the boys play Wii Carnival for a bit and we read.

It was wonderfully peaceful!

We didn’t even shower or think  getting dressed until around noon.

Then we packed up the boys bikes and headed to a local park that has a great paved walkway.

The boys rode, we walked.

My dad met us there too, so that was fun!

Then the boys played until Collin got a tiny case of plastic slide burn nearly lost his arm.

Then we packed up and went to my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Sue’s house for Weller family cookout.

My kids are the youngest in our family, all of the other kids are 5+  years older,

So Noah and Collin get lots of attention.

They had a blast!

It was so nice to sit around and visit with everyone.

When I was a kid, Weller cookouts were common place.

Every holiday we would get together, play games and  have fun together.

My dad is one of 6 kids.

The oldest of the second set of three, he will tell you.

The family cookouts are a lot different now.

My Aunt Joan, passed away a few years ago.

While she didn’t always attend  our family events I always miss her when we are together as a group.

2 of my dad’s other brothers weren’t there yesterday either.

Growing up, these parties were bursting with kids.

Now, there are only 2 little ones and a few tweens/teens.

Come January another little one will be added to our family!!

As we get older it is rare for everyone to see each other all at once.

While the majority of our family still live in the area some have moved away.

It is a different experience for us now, but it is still nice to get together and share a meal and an evening.

How was your Labor Day weekend??

What are your traditions?


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    Dad said,

    My Labor Day was a lot like your’s. Thanks for asking. Love, Dad

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