A Weekend With My Man

Late Friday afternoon

Hubs and I headed to a bed and breakfast for the weekend.

We arrived at the beautiful 1881 inn and were greeted warmly and shown to our room.

It was a quaint room on the third floor.

We headed to the restaurant and ate dinner.

Later that evening, we headed to the huge outdoor tent

*think wedding tent*

To enjoy the live band and the cool country air.

We retired to our room.

The next morning,

We slept in later than normal!!!

Then headed to the dining room for breakfast.

This is when it occurred to me that there

Bed and Breakfast people

And there are

Hotel people.

We are the later.

I sat down to a lovely breakfast with Aaron and a room full of strangers.

It was, for us, awkward!!!

It was so uncomfortable for me that I wanted to run up to our room, pack and leave!

I looked at Aaron and asked if he felt uncomfortable,

He quickly told me that he was waiting for me to ask!

I headed to our room to pack up while Aaron got us checked out.

We hit the road, called our BELOVED Drury Inn and booked a room!

Then we hit a  little gourmet chocolate store,

2 farm stores,

An antique market,

and an Amish bakery + store.

It was lunch time, so we headed to West Milton and enjoyed a delicious lunch at

The Brick House Cafe.

We arrived at our hotel shortly after 1.

Then we did what any married couple w/o kids for the weekend does,

We rushed to our room,

Through caution to the wind,

Jumped into bed


Fell fast asleep for a fantastic 2 hour nap!

We had a wonderful weekend!

A lot of fun.

A lot of rest.

A lot of conversation.

And many wonderful moments along the way.


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  1. 1

    Dumeta said,

    I am with you, I am hotel girl. I have done the B & B dance and vey much perfer the hotel where we get our privacy when we want it. Sounds like you still had a great time. Of course, time with our men should always be good times.

  2. 2

    Aww Becky! You should have know better – didn’t someone warn you! Since you know how much I hate people, you won’t be surprised that I AM NOT a B&B person! Glad you guys got away! Other than the breakfast part, the rest sounds heavenly!!

  3. 3

    Andrea@mommyconfessionsblog said,

    I am with you. I am not a bed and breakfast person nor am I am camping person. I am a hotel person all the way. I am so glad that you got away for the weekend even though I did miss you at Carmen’s party and you didn’t invite me tonight I will just get over it. Have a great week…

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