A $5 investment!

This morning started off rough.

The boys were fighting like cats and dogs.

My back was still bothering me from whatever I did to it Monday afternoon.

Everything felt




And nothing was going right.

I had decided to go ahead with my plan to surprise the boys by going out to breakfast.

Then things changed.

The boys weren’t fighting as much and attitudes were transformed.

I took them to The Waffle House (because they had never been).

After breakfast, the server gave the boys $1 to put in the jukebox.

Soon they were dancing for the entire restaurant with the customers cheering them on.


After breakfast, we headed to a local barber to get the boys haircuts.

Now, haircuts are not something Collin enjoys.

*Read cries like he is being beaten*

So when I told him where we are going he started to sulk.

He got quiet and sad.

I told him he was just going to have to take a deep breath and find a way to get through it.

I saw a sign outside this shop for $5 boys cuts, the price was right, so we went there.

There is one barber in this two chair shop.

He is a master barber with 40+ years of experience.

He was working on another client so we took seats in the waiting area.

When it was our turn Noah jumped at the chance to go first.

This barber is old school.

He tells you his opinion and is a bit scary rough around the edges.

Noah did fine.

His cut looks great and he jumped off the chair and hit the sucker bowl for his reward.

Up next, Collin.

Oh boy!

He climbed into the chair.

Not a peep.

He was draped with the cape.

Not a peep.

The clippers came out.

Not  a peep.

He did great.

And then I saw it.

I saw my baby putting on a brave face.

I saw his confidence building.

I saw his independence.

In the middle of this barber shop, I felt like crying.

He looked like a big boy, but so tiny in that chair.

The chair offered 6 inches of spare room on either side of his small frame.

The cape looked like a king sized top sheet lying puddled on the floor.

He would grin, ever so slightly, when the clippers tickled the base of his neck.

He looked up at me with his big round blue eyes and asked how he looked?

It was precious.

He looked handsome.

He looked sweet.

He looked like a big boy, ready for school.

Ready to take on anything.

Pretty soon, he was done.

He hopped out of the chair and raided the candy bowl.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot he asked when he could go back there again.

SO, a simple $5 haircut turned out to be a investment in his character, development and growth.


Who knew?


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    Kandi said,

    Love this story!! It’s wonderful to see the kids grow and learn. Way to go Collin! Fantastic job!

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