I am precious in His sight! Wow, He is talking about me!!

I need to remember to walk through life with confidence.

It is so easy to forget.

The confidence I need to cling to comes from God.

It really has nothing to do with me.

I am a useless rag that he GRACIOUSLY loves.

I have NOTHING to offer him.

Yet He LONGS o have a relationship with me.

How easy is it for me to go an entire day without thanking him for the life He has GIVEN me.

How easy to get angry, feel entitled, feel better than someone else..

How easy.

How quickly I forget how much has been sacrificed for me.

How I really DESERVE Hell,

But I have been GIVEN Heaven.

How I need to TRUST in His promises and not the things this world offers.

How happiness is is only FOUND in Jesus.

How unconditional love is offered FREELY!

And in abundance.

How I am forgiven.

I am loved.

I am cherished.

I am desired.

I have been formed fearfully and wonderfully.

I am His child.

He is my Father.

I am not alone.

I am a precious in His sight.

Praise God.


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    Erin said,

    Have you heard ‘How He Loves’ by the David Crowder Band? I love the part where it goes, ‘all of a sudden, I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory, and I realize just how beautiful You are and how great Your affections are for me’. It reminds me that our God story is what all of our other stories are really about, too. And it reminds me that Jesus doesn’t just carry my crap for me and love me anyway, but also- He likes me, too. šŸ™‚ Beautiful post, friend. Thank you.

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