22 Days and counting

My boys are getting big.

Growing like weeds.

I’ve  watched them go from

Sitting to standing.

Crawling to walking.

Walking to running.

Cooing to talking.

Now I will watch Noah go fro Pre-K to Kindergarten.

Collin from unstructured to structured Pre-K.

I will move back into the role of “teacher” in just 22 days.

The 2 1/2 – 3 hours a day where they will complete worksheets

Focus on letters and numbers.

Discover that they are capable of reading, writing and comprehending many new things.

Homeschooling the boys gives me many opportunities to hide moments in my heart.

I will learn more about how they learn.

I will be able to see, firsthand,

The moment a new lightbulb goes off in their minds.

When a new letter is mastered.

A new maze complete.

It is fun!

It is exciting.

It is hard work.

It is completely worth it.


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  1. 1

    I love watching my boys grow, mature, learn, get older. I always see parents get all sad when their babies grow- but that’s part of why I had kids- to help them grow into mature adults. If they stayed little, I’d be failing my job.

    I love watching them get better, do more, become more mature, wise, aware, kind, etc.

    I am always in Teacher Role”-just as I am always in “Mom Role”- for us, the 2 roles are joint. Mutually inclusive.

    It is fun, exciting, hard, rewarding work. You’re doing great!

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