Brotherly Love

Yesterday, while lying in my bed with the boys for a nap,

I was taken in by their









(See previous post for pics!)

They were completely in love with each other yesterday.


This conversation happened several times throughout the day:

Collin: “Noah I am proud of you for listening to your teacher at VBS this week.”

Noah: “Thank you Collin! I am proud of you too.”

C: “I love you Noah, you’re my best friend, Buddy”.

N: “Collin, I love you too! You are my best friend too!”

Could anything be sweeter?

They hugged and kissed each other, shared toys and barely even disagreed…


I treasure these moments because I know they are fleeting.

I know some day they will fight more than talk.

Need more space from each other.

Disagree about important things.

Hurt each other.

Meet girls.

Feel like they have been replaced by other people.

BUT today, I sit and reflect on the gift of yesterday.

The love I saw was unconditional.

It was precious.

It was pure.

It was Heaven.

Today the love fest continues.

As I sit and type there is a cowboy chasing a bad guy.

The bad guy gets arrested, then the chase starts again.

Imaginations are flowing freely

Games are being invented.

Laughter abounds.

Cowboy Noah is talking about something that “happened 20 years ago in the West”.

Outlaw Collin is pretending to drown in a laundry basket half full of folded clothes.

I am not invited to join in.

So I will sit this one out and watch the games unfold.

As far as I am concerned, I have the best seat in the house!


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  1. 1

    Dumeta said,

    Becky, I know I have said this before, BUT you are a beautiful writer. I can sit and read your words on my laptop and be pulled in. I am right there next to you watching this Brotherly Love scene unfold. You are RIGHT, you had the best seat in the house.
    Love ya girl, keep writing…..

  2. 2

    Love it! The days of brotherly love do go away…I know they will return one day but, definitely enjoy the fun while it lasts. We had this one day we were in CO. Paul and I just heard the boys laughing and joking. We both said “Wait, they are actually laughing and it’s not at the others’ expense – they are enjoying one another.” It’s fun!

    I agree with Dumeta. You are a gifted writer. I feel like I’m there watching the drowning in the basket!

  3. 3

    uncle Tom said,

    One of mom’s favorite verses: “Behold how good and pleasant for brothers to dwell together in unity.”

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