Update.. 11 Weeks Post-Op

This afternoon, I went to the doctor for x-rays and post-op check up stuff.

I have been experiencing swelling in my left foot.

This foot and leg is still partially numb and I often have pain in my ankle.

After examining my leg, foot and ankle, the doctor concluded I am injuring my ankle when walking for long periods of time.

Apparently, not being able to feel how you are walking can lead to injury.

So, I am not allowed to walk for more than an hour (or so) at a time.

While I find that extremely annoying, I will comply.

I need to  stretch out  my hamstrings and calves.

I am only supposed to flex and extend my foot and leg to do this, so it will be a long process.

I will start “re-conditioning” in approx. 1 month.

According to the x-ray, the bone is growing back as expected and all of the hardware is in place.

I will still wear my magnet 4 hours a day and my brace full time.

The bad news is I am still not allowed to exercise!

When the doctor told me I wasn’t allowed to exercise and that I need to slow down my only approved activity (walking), my face must have expressed my discontent.

He looked at me, with all sincerity, and told me to take it easy and NOT to do something that would hurt me.

Mentally I am ready to start an exercise program, physically I will have to wait.

I will wait.

Now, I have to adjust my attitude because I am more than a little disappointed with this news…


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    Sarah said,

    A friend’s little old Italian grandma had to have a cancerous mole removed from her face. She was upset about the scar it would leave. My friend suggested to her grandma that if anybody asked about the scar, she should claim, “I was in a knife fight. I won.”
    I know it grates to be kept restricted, but maybe you can come up with some similarly imaginative story about why you have to keep your feet up. Like, “I developed an exotic infection in my feet while smuggling bibles to a rural church in Cambodia. If I walk too much, my toes will explode, and you will be contaminated”

  2. 2

    Jenny said,

    Our perspectives on life are so different. You always hope for the best and sometimes face disappointment as a result. I always expect the worst and find myself pleasantly surprised from time to time. I still can’t figure out which is better. Maybe they are the same… our imperfect minds trying to make sense of the conflict between our redeemed souls and our fallen flesh. May God be your strength and encouragement. May He uphold you with His righteous right hand and lead you in paths of righteousness. May He purify you through this fire and make you more like Him. He is faithful.

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