A girl and a boy

Once upon a time

There lived a young girl and a young boy.

They were friends,

Good friends.

Silly friends.

Funny friends.

Dear friends.

They grew up.

They got married (not to each other).

They started their lives.

They kept in touch,

Checking in occasionally.

They lived far apart.

Recently God has brought the boy back

And the two friends live near each other.

The girl is thankful because she missed her friend.

Circumstances are hard for the boy.

Over the last few months

The girl has seen big changes,

Good changes.

The girl is thankful to see God working mightily in the boys heart.

The girl is praying for the boy.

God is molding the boy into the man he needs to be.

The boy is working hard, trusting deeply and leaning so much.

The boy is inspiring the girl.

The girl is thankful that her dear friend is walking through this trial leaning on God and the people He has surrounded him with.


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    boy said,

    asks girl to forgive him for clapping hands too close for comfort

  2. 3

    boy said,

    that’s what my brother told me. he said you’d be cool with it.

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