It’s all about God

Being a mom

Is humbling.

Is rewarding.

Is frustrating.

Is awesome.

Is tough.

Is exhausting.

I a blessing.

Is what I was born to become.

I have been whining talking a lot lately about needing to be alone.

This stems from a lot of things, mostly my need to process what has happened with my back.

It may sound strange to you, but I have come to find that after major surgery, I need time to process.

That is just one thing that is making me long for alone time, but it is a big one.

Since becoming a mom, I have tried to figure out how to have alone, quiet time with God.

Today God woke me up at 5 a.m. and prompted me to have alone time with Him.

It was through this time that He showed me I am not in a place in my life where I have the luxury of being alone.

Completely alone.

I have often used my lack of alone time as an excuse to not spending time alone with God.

BUT I need Him to function properly.

I need Him to keep me spiritually hydrated to complete the race that I am running.

I need to trust that He can and will speak to me through my time with Him.

Even if it is riddled with a million interruptions.

It is so important to make this a priority.

So, today, I did.

And you know what, He has richly blessed me for doing so.

The thing about my alone with God, is it is not about ME.

It is all about God.


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    Jenny said,

    I think this is the struggle of the flesh. The truth is that no matter if you live in a house with 20 people or an apartment by yourself, there are always distractions pulling at us. Life is full of distractions… church, relationships, chores, responsibility, work, school, mental exhaustion, pain… that keep us from MAKING time to sit at His feet. It takes determination and daily sacrifice. It is not easy; but it is completely necessary and vitally important. It shifts our focus from ME to Him and you (others). We should never assume that “this would be easier if…” because the truth is we would still be human and something would always try to distract us. He keeps the world in motion, counts the hairs on our heads, keeps a running timer for when He will return and still is there to listen to every one of us, every time we call and He is always willing to speak when we make time to be still. I am glad you are refining your gaze.

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      dellgirl1 said,

      I hope you didn’t think I was saying “woe is me, I have it hard to find time to sit at his feet, it would be easier if I lived alone”. That is not what i intended to say. No matter what stage of life I have been in, I have always struggled to make time to spend with God. It is always a choice.

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